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Chris Hale, React.js Developer near Kalispell, Montana
Chris Hale

Senior Software Engineer, React.js Developer

Near Kalispell, Montana

BBA, Management of Information Systems, Texas Tech University

16 Years of Experience

Professional Bio

As a Senior Software Engineer at FullStack Labs, I'm focused on leading development teams and building complex custom software solutions. I'm an experienced software developer specializing in React.js and Node.js development. Prior to FullStack I was a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. I hold a BBA in Management of Information Systems from Texas Tech University.

Kalispell, Montana
Technology Expertise

Propel Software Solutions

React App for Shipment Lifecycle Management

React.js, GraphQL

Employment History

FullStack Labs Dec 2018 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

• Focus on development of web-based and mobile apps.
• Building and architecting sites using React, Node and other popular toolsets.
• Assist on advising clients to ensure compliance with best practices.
• Leading and mentoring company and client developers as part of client projects.

Red Hat Aug 2016 - Nov 2018

Senior Software Engineer

• Responsible for working on Service UI product as part of Redhat Cloudforms product.
• Coded components using React, Redux, Angular 1.6, Typescript and ES6.
• Contributed code to repositories within Redhat utilizing React, Redux and Typescript.
• Worked on contributing-tests written in Mocha, Chai, Jest, and Selenium.

Ninja Enterprises LLC Sep 2012 - Jan 2017

CEO/Head Ninja

• Specialized in mobile app development, web development, and cloud consulting.
• Mobile app development utilizing Phonegap, JQ Mobile, Ionic Framework, Angular JS.
• Web development using PHP, Node JS, Angular JS and Sails JS.
• Cloud consulting utilizing Chef, Amazon AWS, and Rackspace Cloud.

Booz Allen Hamilton Sep 2015 - Aug 2016

Lead Cloud Engineer

• Wrote NodeJS applications and utilities that assisted AWS automation.
• Architected and deployed Opscode Chef products such as Chef Server, Chef Delivery.
• Built cookbooks and chef artifacts to automate provisioning and configuring of AWS resources.
• Deployed custom apps to Docker swarms using Docker Compose and other utilities.

Cisco Feb 2014 - Aug 2015`

Lead Mobile Application Engineer

• Created mobile apps and tablet apps that run on IOS and Android devices.
• Used Phonegap to create cross-platform experiences that were quickly developed and deployed.
• Utilized frameworks like Bootstrap and AngularJS to build apps.
• Used Yeoman, Gulp, Ionic, Jenkins, Xcode and Android Studio.


Propel Software Solutions

React App for Shipment Lifecycle Management

React.js, GraphQL

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