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Web Apps

We build modern web applications of all shapes and sizes using the latest technologies.

Our experienced team has over 30 years of combined web app development experience. From online marketplaces and platforms to SaaS solutions, custom business software, and chrome extensions. Whatever your idea, we can build it, on time and on budget.

Mobile Apps

Our unique mobile app development process allows us to rapidly build cross-platform apps at a fraction of the cost.

We build mobile apps using React Native, a revolutionary framework built by Facebook in 2015. React Native allows us to build iOS and Android apps using just one code base (instead of two). This reduces the time and cost to build cross-platform apps by 50% or more, without sacrificing speed or quality.

Custom Software

We build custom software applications tailored to your business.

Outgrowing your off-the-shelf software? We’re here to help. From custom CRM’s and accounting systems, to project management and billing solutions... custom software consulting is our specialty.

UI / UX Design

We design and build beautiful apps that the users love.

Our detailed, proven design & build process ensures that we build the right features for your app. To build digital experiences, we use the Material Design spec, the only proven design specification for the web, backed by Google.

Some Technologies We Know & Love

See our step by step process for developing web and mobile apps.


Some of Our Work

  • Hand holding an iPhone 6 with rizKnows iPhone app login screen open.
  • rizKnows iphone app login screen and rizKnows products screen.
  • rizKnows iphone app details products screen and rizKnows products screen.


RIZKNOWS curates deals, discounts, and promotions on technology, health & fitness, sporting goods and outdoor products. We helped RizKnows build iOS and Android apps to compliment their existing web app, making it easier and more convenient for their customers to engage with their brand.

Technologies: React Native

  • Hand holding iPhone 6 with Yaya iPhone app login screen.
  • iPhone 6's with Yaya app login screen and Yaya app projects screen.
  • Yaya app projects tab of projects screen and service providers picker screen.
  • Service provider picker screen and approve service provider screen.
  • Yaya app service provider chat screen and Yaya app main chat screen.


Yaya is Silicon Valley based startup that's building a whole new way to hire contractors, using chat. Yaya approached FullStack with a concept and a set of wireframes, and we worked with their team to refine the concept, design and implement a prototype, and build an iOS and Android application using React Native.

Technologies: React Native Ruby on Rails ,  Postgres

  • Hand holding an iPhone 6 with Bunk1 iPhone app login screen open.
  • Bunk1 iphone app login screen and Bunk1 dashboard screen.
  • Bunk1 dashboard screen and Bunk1 app photos screen.
  • Bunk1 app Newsletters screen displaying photos from newsletter and Bunk1 bunk notes screen.
  • Bunk1 New bunk notes screen and Bunk1 app bunk notes replies.
  • Bunk1 desktop app dashboard.
  • Bunk1 app photos screen.
  • Bunk1 desktop web app share photos screen.


Bunk1 connects parents with their children while they're away at summer camp. We helped Bunk1 build iOS and Android apps that fully integrate with their existing web application. We also designed and developed a new UI for their Ruby on Rails web app, and helped them refactor and improve legacy code.

Technologies: React Native Ruby on Rails

  • classicflix macbook website mockup.
  • classicflix website sales section screen.


ClassicFlix is Netflix for classic films. Users can filter and search for thousands of different films, place and manage orders for DVD rentals, manage payments, manage their accounts, etc. The system is integrated with third party drop shipment APIs and order management systems. There’s also an administrative dashboard to manage users, orders, etc.

Technologies: Spree Framework,  Elasticsearch,  React ,  Redux

  • StormLogger website browser mockup.
  • StormLogger website get started section screen.
  • StormLogger website dashboard screen.


StormLogger is record keeping for storms - made simple. Users can view the weekly forecast and chance of rain for all of their project sites, including detailed data for each location and archived NOAA reports. Additional features include the ability to archive projects once completed, and access historical reports whenever they are needed.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails React ,  Postgress,  ActiveAdmin,  Stripe API,  Geocoder

  • Paragon website browser mockup.
  • Paragon website get started section screen.
  • Paragon website dashboard screen.
  • Paragon website courses results screen.
  • Paragon website overview screen.
  • Paragon website form screen.


Paragon CET provides continuing education training to professionals in a variety of industries. We helped Paragon build an online training and test taking application that allows users to complete their continuing education requirements from the comfort of their own home. Users can review course material and training documents, complete tests with immediate results, manage payments, and receive a certificate of completion.

Technologies: React ,  Material Design,  NodeJS ,  InvisionApp,  Sketch

  • Cytek website landing page screen.
  • Cytek website products screen.
  • Cytek website about us screen.
  • Cytek website overview screen.


Cytek is a biosciences startup headquartered in Silicon Valley. They build innovative scientific equipment for labs around the world. We helped Cytek design and build a beautiful e-commerce website, making it easier for their customers to discover and purchase their products.

Technologies: Shopify

  • Person holding iPad with Willow Tree Root's Tablebank web app open viewing clients dashboard which lists clients and quick info.
  • Tablebank web app dashboard showing deposits, clients, loans, borrowers, and interest earned.
  • Clients tab in Tablebank web app showing clients' name, deposit balance, loan balance, loans, loan status, actions.
  • Tablebank app loans tab showing clients' name, status, principal, interest rate, start date, due date, late fee, loan term, and aditional actions.
  • Tablebank web app client's dashboard showing loan account with loan history and options to create new loans.
  • Another Client's loan account shown in Tablebank.


Tablebank is a free community banking application that FullStack built to help nonprofits implement and manage community banking programs. Users can easily track depositors, deposits, withdrawals, interest earned, loans, interest rates, late fees, etc. Tablebank is a mobile responsive web app (built with Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap) that can be used on phones, tablets, and PCs.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails ,  Bootstrap

  • Apple MacBook with Roost Home Services web app open.
  • Roost web app homepage describing the app and asking the user for a zipcode to get an instant quote.
  • Roost app asking how big yard is from 1,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet.
  • Roost web app order page asking for which yard to mow.
  • Roost asking whether to put waste into green waste bin or pile waste into street for city pickup.
  • Roost app asking for how frequently to mow the lawn, showing rates based on frequency.
  • Additional services for Roost Web App such as bushes, weed pulling, small trees, sprinklers.
  • Special instructions for Roost Web App to include in the order.
  • List of available dates to have Roost Web app to send service.
  • Roost App contact info form asking for name, email, phone, and address

Roost Home Services

Roost is an online marketplace for finding home services providers. We built everything from a public facing website to an advanced ordering form, a portal for account management, and a mobile web app. Users could place an order online, view upcoming appointments, view and pay invoices, modify their plan, and more.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails Angular ,  Foundation,  Twilio API,  Stripe API

  • iPad mini with ValleyCan web app open
  • ValleyCan app dashboard screen
  • ValleyCan web app car list for current event
  • Events history for ValleyCan
  • Documents and info for client at a ValleyCan event.
  • ValleyCan customer information


Valley CAN is a non-profit advocacy group committed to improving air quality. They regularly hold events throughout California to help vehicle owners diagnose and fix smog issues. We helped ValleyCan automate and digitize their paper-based event management process by building a mobile responsive, custom software application that their team accesses from the field using iPads.

Technologies: NodeJS ,  Electron,  ExpressJS,  Tesseract

  • LandSeller web app on macbook pro and Samsung S4.


Landseller is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of bare land. We designed the application using material design principals, and developed a responsive front end for the application using Bootstrap.

Technologies: Django,  Bootstrap,  Material Design,  Google Maps API,  Jquery,  AJAX

  • MomKit iPhone app login screen open on an iPhone 6.
  • MomKit iPhone app login screen and MomKit signup screen.
  • MomKit customize screen and MomKit app introduction screen.
  • MomKit app home screen and MomKit goals screen.
  • MomKit individual massage screen and MomKit app help screen.


MomKit educates mothers on proper breastfeeding techniques, and helps them solve common problems like pain reduction, increasing milk supply, preventing engorgement and improving latching. We helped MomKit design and build an interactive prototype which will serve as the blueprint for the iOS app, once development begins.

Technologies: InvisionApp,  Sketch

  • Holding a iPhone 6 with The Tandem Traveler iPhone app sign in screen
  • The Tandem Traveler iPhone app sign in mockup and sign up screens.
  • Cram Sesh screens for The Tandem Traveler iPhone app.
  • Ordering to go in Italian screen for The Tandem Traveler iPhone app.
  • The Tandem Traveler iPhone app Ordering to go in Italian wrong answer, and picture screens.
  • iPhones with ordering to go in Italian answered correctly and ordering to go comepletion screen.
  • Ordering to go in Italian test and question answered incorrectly.
  • The Tandem Traveler audio test and audio question answered correctly.
  • Ordering to go in Italian pass and fail screens.
  • Speed round screens in The Tandem Traveler iPhone app.
  • iPhones with The Tandem Traveler's speed round questions
  • The Tandem Traveler speed round questions and comepletion screen.
  • Crash sesh screen and sample question in The Tandem Traveler iPhone app.
  • Example crash sesh questions in The Tandem Traveler app.

The Tandem Traveler

The Tandem Traveler, previously known as Skyway Language, aids travelers in learning new languages before going on vacation. Using simple and effective lessons, The Tandem Traveler teaches users words and sentences one may use when visiting a new place. The Tandem Traveler looked to FullStack Labs to help create wireframes, improve on the function and design, and build a prototype of their app.

Technologies: InvisionApp,  Sketch

  • Next Economy Tracker web app dashboard.
  • Next Economy Tracker app activity feed.
  • Next Economy Tracker app performance information modal.
  • Next Economy Tracker web app edit action item.
  • Next Economy Tracker actions dashboard.
  • Sign in screen for Next Economy Tracker.
  • Performance graphs for Next Economy Tracker.
  • Funding graph for Next Economy Tracker web app.
  • Next Economy Tracker app goals example.
  • Performance origress for items and organizations in Next Economy Tracker app.
  • Next Economy Tracker app performance status.

Next Economy Tracker

For the Next Economy Project, we built an advanced, fully custom project management solution for member organizations to report and manage their economic development activities.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails ,  Bootstrap,  D3

  • Real Val web app dashboard.
  • Real Val app property screen.


For RealVal we built a real estate valuation program that integrates with Zillow, and does a cash flow valuation analysis on residential income properties to help real estate investors identify profitable investment opportunities. RealVal allows investors to quickly add properties and determine which are good investments, and which aren't.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails ,  Bootstrap,  Zillow API

  • Mobile Advertising app on MacBook Pro.
  • Mobile Advertising web app dashboard.
  • Diagram of how the mobile advertising web app was built.

Private Client

For a private client in the mobile advertising space, we built a big data integration that tied together multiple data sources into one easy to use dashboard, providing our client with tremendous level of visibility into their operations.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails ,  BigQuery,  BIME,  HasOffers,  MAT API

  • ProHub chrome extension homepage
  • ProHub extension company employees page
  • ProHub app extension in action with a social network.
  • ProHub prospect lists of businesses, companies, and etc.
  • ProHub app resize example.
  • ProHub different view sizes.


ProHub Prospector is a next generation prospecting tool that helps sales reps quickly build prospect lists online. ProHub automatically adds additional information about newly added leads, including email addresses, social profiles, phone numbers, business size, location, etc. ProHub Prospector was built entirely within a Chrome Extension, a first for Chrome development.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails Ember.js ,  Chrome Extension API,  Semantic-UI,  FullContact API

  • Google Maps Measurement Tool address search

Google Maps Measurment Tool

This was a small, simple project. We built a measurement tool for Google maps that allowed users to search for addresses, then trace polygons on selected areas to determine the square footage. Contractors can use the app to determine the size of parking lots, lawns, residential and commercial lots, etc.

Technologies: Node.js ,  Google Maps API

  • CellScope website home page on iMac
  • CellScope landing page
  • CellScope Seymour mascot page
  • CellScope for parents marketing page.
  • CellScope iPhone otoscope marketing page


CellScope is a venture backed mobile health startup that developed an iphone application that allows parents to turn their phone into an ear scope, to diagnose ear infections without going to the doctor's office. Cellscope's team designed a beautiful new website and hired FullStack to code the designs and integrate them with their existing app.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails ,  Bootstrap


We were very happy with the way the whole process was facilitated. We started talking to Fullstack Labs three months before we signed any contract with them. We met with them in person several times. We wanted to find out what their philosophy is. Both Brian and David are fathers with young children, so they understand the importance of the work we are doing. That shows through in their work. It was obvious they cared deeply. David even put in $25 into our crowdfunding campaign. It's a business relationship, but he cares about our success, which is rare. It's not just about the product, but the bigger mission, too.

- Anna Sadovnikova - starstarstarstarstar

The experience I've had with other firms is in direct contrast to what FullStack did. I'm comparing them with two other firms I worked with in the past. They care a lot about what their clients are doing. They bring their ideas and concepts to the table. I felt like they were on my team. They added a lot of value in terms of ideas and continue to do so. No matter who's working on the project you feel like they care about the work that's being produced.


Fullstack Labs' managers have been engaged throughout. The whole project management staffing, matching team to task has been fantastic. All their staff is very committed. I'm very aware of how much bureaucracy there is in the tech world, and we've gotten nothing but solutions. I am totally happy with their approach to everything; their integrity, honesty, the whole thing. It's great.



David Jackson - CEO
Mike Piccolo - CTO
Ivan Ardila - CEO Colombia
CEO Colombia
Ben Carle - CIO
Brian Smith - Design Director
Design Director

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