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Brian Landau, Ruby on Rails Developer near Longmont, CO
Brian Landau

Senior Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer

Near Longmont, CO

MS, Information Science, University of North Carolina

10 Years of Experience

Longmont, CO
Technology Expertise
Employment History

FullStack Labs Oct 2019 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Indeed Sep 2018 - Apr 2019

Software Engineer

• Used Ruby on Rails to develop app allowing employers to send skills assessments to applicants.
• Created a CSV report to analyze responses on applicant assessments.
• Utilized a stack involving both Heroku and AWS services.
• Developed an application using React for the frontend.

Gloo Oct 2017 - Jan 2018

Senior Software Engineer

• Developed applications using Ruby on Rails and React for data science and analytics company.

Viget May 2008 - Apr 2017


• Built an eCommerce solution in Rails for TimeLife.com.
• Upgraded a client's medical applications using React.js with a modern flux (Microcosm).
* Developed and managed website for speaker organization company.
• Utilized Ansible for reliable server provision.

DesignHammer Jul 2007 - May 2008

Web Developer

• Refactored a custom CMS system to reflect Object-Oriented Programming.
• Developed a Rails web application deployed via Capistrano.
• Administered a nginx/mongrel/rails server stack.
• Developed custom CMS back-end solutions.

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