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Intro Meeting

We typically start with two introductory meetings, and then arrange additional meetings as needed.

The first meeting is with our CEO - David Jackson and / or Head of Sales - John Jensen. We’ll discuss your company's needs in detail and provide in-depth information on FullStack Labs, including reviewing our company deck together.

After a verbal agreement, we’ll sign a mutual NDA (either our NDA or yours). We’ll also have a follow up meeting with our CTO - Mike Piccolo, and your technical stake holders, where we’ll dig into the technical aspects of your project in more detail.

Code and Technical Review

We'll sometimes perform a code review to help us gain a better understanding of your application. This will help us in the selection of our best developers for your project.

The code review is completed by either our CTO or one of our senior engineers, and covers a number of subjects including architecture, dependencies, documentation, test coverage, localization, code quality, code style, and security.

FSL code review
FSL team structure

Basic Team Structure Agreement

We're flexible in terms of how the development team is structured. We can staff full Scrum teams or integrate individual developers into your existing development teams. We can provide mid-level and senior developers in the USA, Latin America, or a mixture of both. We can also staff project managers, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX designers.

When staffing full Scrum teams, we prefer "blended teams" with a USA lead engineer paired with two nearshore developers. Our rates range from $40 - $150 an hour depending on the years of experience and location. For blended teams the average hourly rate is usually around $80 an hour. See our rates list.

Reference Checks and Case
Study Review

You’ll review our past client references and sign a Master Services Agreement. Our references page provides over a dozen in-depth interviews with current and past clients to help you understand what is like to work with FullStack Labs.

Check out our latest performance results.

FSL reviews

Sign the Master Services Agreement

Our Master Services Agreement is a relatively straightforward contract that covers the general terms and conditions that will govern our relationship. If your company prefers to use your MSA, please let us know and we'll be happy to review it and provide feedback.

At this stage we're only signing an MSA, not a SOW (Statement of Work), so there's no binding commitment at this point. Once you decide to move forward with specific developers we'll draft and sign a SOW to cover the specific terms for the developers you select.

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FSL dev selection

Developer Selection

Once the MSA is signed we’ll be ready to start the developer selection process. We try to have 5 - 10 developers / designers on the bench and immediately available at any given time, so chances are we will be able to send you profiles of current, available FullStackers.

Alternatively, we will send you profiles from candidates who are active in our hiring pipeline. We have an 8 person recruiting team and hire 15 to 20 professionals per month, so we always have an extensive pipeline of candidates available.

Each professional will have a FullStack Labs profile page which outlines their resume, technical abilities, quotes from previous clients, intro video, portfolio of pervious work, and blog posts.


We're flexible in terms of how the interview process is structured. Sometimes clients have a process they'd like to follow and we're open to that. Otherwise, we generally recommend a single two hour technical interview that includes with each candidate, which will often include a coding challenge.

Keep in mind that all developers that we present to you have already passed our rigorous hiring process, which we outline below. Each developer comes with a two week risk-free trial, which gives you an added layer of protection.

coding challenge
FSL recruiting force

Dedicated Recruiting Force

We have a dedicated 8 person recruiting team focused on finding and hiring the best developers in the USA and Latin America.

Extensive Marketing

We run extensive marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, targeting developers experienced in our core technologies.

FSL marketing channels
FSL tech meetups

Tech Meetups and Conferences Sponsorship

We sponsor meetups and conferences across the United States and Latin America, with a focus on core technologies.

This has established our brand in these technology communities, which in turn attracts the best talent.

Educational Content

Each week, a different FullStack Developer creates a piece of educational content focused on new developments and best practices for our core technologies.

This content is circulated internally to help existing developers continue to learn, and externally to help developers outside our organization improve their skills.

This type of thought leadership further establishes our brand within our core technology communities.

Check out some of our top posts from our blog.

FSL content creation
FSL Open source libraries

Open Source Libraries Contributors

Our team has built and maintains open source libraries using our core technologies.

Material Bread is a React Native components library that works on all platforms. We also have a Figma starter kit with several material design components ready to use.

Brand Recognition

Everything outlined above has established FullStack Labs as the premier Javascript, Node, and Ruby on Rails consultancy in the Americas. This helps us attract the best and brightest developers in tech communities.

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How We Hire the Top .5%
of Developers

Each year 20,000 developers apply
with FullStack Labs, but less than .5%. pass our
rigorous technical interview process outlined below.

FSL Applicant screening

Applicant Screening

We'll check to ensure applicants meet our minimum standards.

  • 4 years minimum experience
  • College Degree
  • English proficiency
  • No job hoppers (only one job for less than 24 months
    in last 5 years)
  • Extensive technical questionnaire to self assess
    technical abilities across 47 different technologies

General Coding Assessment

We use code signal for our GCA and the goal here is to have an objective measurement of a developer coding skills like code-writing and problem solving as well as the ability to produce clean code at a reasonable speed.

All candidates must complete the test with a passing score in order to move forward in our hiring process. The candidates that achieve very high scores are fast tracked.

FSL General coding assessment

First Interview

FullStack Labs will do a 90 minute standardized in depth review. This will help us determine the applicants
real level of experience and key tech expertise and also identify current and former managers names for future reference checks. See our list of questions.

Take Home Coding Challenge

FullStack Labs will do a 90 minute standardized in depth review. This will help us determine the applicants
real level of experience and key tech expertise and also identify current and former managers names for future reference checks. See our coding challenge.

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Final Interview With Our CTO

Each developer will do a final interview with our CTO or CIO, this ensures only the best applicants move on.

Standardized interview questions are asked and an objective score is generated for each candidate.

Final Ranking

The scores from all previous interviews are entered into our ranking algorithm which generates a final, objective, overall score for each applicant, so all applicants can be compared to one another. Only top ranking developers are hired.

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Reference and Background Checks

We call and speak with the former managers whose names were provided during interview #1.

Criminal background checks, employment history verifications, and educational verifications are performed on all employees, in both USA and CO.

FSL background checks

How We Retain Top Talent

Finding top talent is only one part of the equation. FullStack Labs is also commited to retaining talent because we know how hard it is to find it in the first place.

FSL Compensation

Industry Leading Compensation and Benefits


  • 20% above market pay
  • Overtime pay
  • Health, Dental, Vision insurance
  • PTO, sick leave, maternity & paternity leave
  • 401k with 4% match
  • Profit sharing


  • 50% above average market pay
  • Overtime pay
  • Private health insurance
  • PTO and sick leave
  • Prepaid food cards
  • English classes

Clearly Defined Career Paths
for Long Term Growth

FullStack’s HR team has built clearly defined career paths for each job title within our company. Each step has its own goals so team members know what’s expected from them and what they need to do to get promoted. Check out our career paths.

FSL Career paths
FSL positive environment

Positive and Uplifting Work Environment

Great company culture starts with a positive and uplifting work environment. A key tenant of our management philosophy is “praise in public, criticize in private”.

But with a 100% remote team public praise can be challenging, that’s why we use a tool called HeyTaco in Slack.

Hey taco works surprisingly well, and it's common to see Taco’s being handed out throughout the day in our general Slack channel.

The Results

The industry-leading benefits and compensation we offer plus our clearly defined career paths encourage FullStack's employees to stay for a long time with the company, contributing to meaningful projects.

We make sure that our positive and uplifting environment gets translated into high retention and satisfaction rates for both employees and clients. Check out our Glassdoor reviews and our Performance page for more info.

Check out our Glassdoor reviews and our Performance page for more info.

FSL Results
FSL project management

Project Management

We have a detailed  project management process that has been refined over the years to optimize performance of remote teams.

We’re also open to using our client’s PM process if desired. Our only requirement is that a clearly defined process is in place. This includes which team members are responsible for QA, PM and PR reviews ensuring that developers know what’s expected from them.

Communication & Planning

We use Slack for communication between our developers and the cient’s team. We’re always open to use either our Slack workspace or their’s. For sprint planning and project management we use Jira, and are also open to use either our Jira instance or our client’s.

FSL comms & planning
FSL time tracking

Time Tracking

FullStack team members track their time throughout the day using Toggl. Unlike most consultancies which don’t track time and simply turn in rough hour reports at the end of the month, we track our time down to the second every day. We don’t round up and we don’t block bill. This means that if a developer only works for 6 hours 10 minutes, and 28 seconds, you’re only charged for exactly that and not 8 hours like most of our competitors.This means cost savings and improved productivity for our clients.

Aditionally all of our clients have access to a web-based reporting dashboard which shows time worked the previous day, week to date, month to date and year to date.

See an example of our web based reports.

Deep Technical Bench

When you hire a developer through FullStack Labs you get more than just that one developer, you also get access to our deep institutional knowledge with technologies we specialize in.

If your developer runs into a difficult React problem, they simply post their challenge in our internal React channel and our 60 other React developers are there to help.

Our internal policy is that developers are not allowed to spend more than 30 min trying to solve a difficult challenge without requesting help in our tech channels. This ensures efficiency and prevents wasting time.

If you need professionals with specific technical expertise for a short engagement, we can help. Examples include short-term devops, design engagements, specialized integrations like SalesForce or Magento and short term technical architecture projects.

FSL technical bench

Need something else?

We aren’t called FullStack Labs for nothing

We aren’t called FullStack Labs for nothing. We do not only provide staffing services, we also offer custom app development, consulting services and UI/UX design

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