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FullStack Labs is a USA based team of Node.js developers. Top companies and leading start-ups choose us for their mission critical Node.js projects. The examples below demonstrate the work we are capable of:

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A new way to learn

ParagonCET is the leading provider of continuing education programs for salon professionals. For decades they've provided paper-based educational materials and certification tests. But they knew they needed to move their services to the cloud, so they hired FullStack to design and develop a robust online training and test taking software system which is currently used by professionals across the United States.

Technologies: Node.js , React.js , Babel , AWS S3

Custom Software Improves Efficiency

BenjaminWest is the world's leading furniture, fixtures, and equipment procurement firm. Their legacy custom software system, which managed every aspect of their complex business, was nearing the end of its life, so they needed a partner to help them rebuild the application using modern technologies. After an extensive RFP process, they selected FullStack Labs, and we completed a six month design and prototyping phase to define exactly what would be built. The application is currently under development.

Technologies: Node.js , React.js , Babel , AWS S3

Empowering Women Owned Real Estate Businesses

LRE offers digital tools (websites, designs, social media, etc) for real estate agents. We assisted LRE with designing and developing web-based, self-serve graphic design software, that allows their customers to create flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials for their real estate businesses. Users can choose a pre-existing template, create their own template, upload photos and graphics, and change colors, fonts, etc. to create the perfect design.

Technologies: Node.js , React.js , Babel , AWS S3

Reimagining Transportation Management Software for the logistics industry

EKA builds digital tools to help brokers, shippers, and carriers run their logistics companies more efficient. After a couple false starts with other agencies, EKA approached FullStack to help get their project back on track. We started by conducting an in depth design-sprint, then kicked off development. Two years later the app is live with paying customers, and we're continuing to assist with ongoing development and support.

Technologies: Node.js , React.js , Babel , AWS S3

New features for an existing software system

American Portfolio Holdings is a financial services company with 800 advisors across the country. Their legacy custom software program needed a few new features designed and developed. After striking out with another consultancy, they hired FullStack Labs, and we completed the project on time, and on budget.

Technologies: Node.js , Angular.js , Babel , AWS S3

Custom software improves manufacturing efficiency

Chill N Go, founded in 1977, is the leading manufacturer of high-quality wine bags, and other custom textile products. Chill N Go needed to improve the efficiency of their operations and make it easier for their customers to place orders, so we collaborated with them to design and develop an online portal for their customers to place orders and manage their accounts, and a fully integrated order management system to improve the speed and efficiency of their internal operations.

Technologies: Node.js , React.js , Babel , AWS S3

A new way to purchase and provide local services

Yaya is silicon valley startup focused on building a new way to hire service providers by using chat. Yaya reached out to FullStack Labs with their concept and a basic set of wireframes. We worked with them to distill the concept, design and build a prototype, and eventually develop and launch iOS and Android React Native apps.

Technologies: Node.js , React Native , Babel , AWS S3

“I am very happy with this group of young people. They work hard. They know what they are doing. I have full confidence in them. It was a very wise decision to go with them. I already referred a potential client to FullStack Labs.“
DC Wei - CEO, Yaya
star star star star star

Improving air quality in California

Valley CAN is a non-profit advocacy group committed to improving air quality. They regularly hold events throughout California to help vehicle owners diagnose and fix smog issues. We helped ValleyCan automate and digitize their paper-based event management process by building a mobile responsive, custom software application that their team accesses from the field using iPads.

Technologies: Node.js , React Native , Babel , AWS S3

Custom Software for one of California's Oldest Organizations

Since 1949 Pacific Maritime Association has administered maritime labor agreements with Longshore and Warehouse unions. We designed and developed a new desktop-based software program that tests for typing speed and accuracy.

Technologies: Node.js , React.js , Babel , AWS S3

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