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Technical Discovery

Many of our projects start with a multi-part technical discovery engagement to either understand and document your existing software stack or research and recommend the right technologies and architecture for your project.

This technical discovery can include conducting an in-depth code review on your existing application, researching technology options for your specific use case, reviewing documentation for third-party integrations, creating a DevOps strategy, and more. 

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Client Apps (Web, Mobile, Desktop, etc.)

One part of the technical discovery process involves listing the languages, frameworks, and other major dependencies of the project (both existing and proposed). Our team of engineers determines if FullStack Labs needs to update the dependencies of the client’s existing app to complete the project. 

We access the repos and any platform based accounts/signing mechanisms to describe the changes needed, review the application for UI/UX quality, review the code quality, and review the security of the application.

During this step, we define where the WIP versions will be deployed, list out all features with a plan to implement them, and include which libraries will be used. If no libraries exist, we’ll discuss the plan to implement custom libraries.

We also consider potential internationalization needs and issues such as RTL support and any translation and localization services needed.

Once this phase is completed, we’ll provide the technical architecture overview of the client application and identify all problem areas.

Backend Servers

We identify all potential problem areas and determine if there is a need for FullStack Labs to build/rebuild the servers as part of the engagement. If so, we’ll provide a description of the servers, including responsibilities and technologies that will be used. 

In case we need to update existing servers, we’ll describe the changes needed and identify all features to match them to existing libraries.

We’ll provide an overview of the servers’ architecture and list all problem areas found during the backend servers analysis.

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During this process we list and describe the services that will be involved in the project (both existing and proposed). Our team reviews the existing documentation and writes an assessment of each service's docs.

From this discovery, we’ll decide which are the best services and integrations to achieve the goals of the project and discuss why.

We assess feasibility of working with the existing and proposed services and integrations, perform thorough research into the possible limitations we might face, and ensure that what is going to be designed is achievable.

At this point, our team determines the estimated pricing for the services and integrations needed.

Data Stores/Databases

This includes a list and description of all the data stores that will be involved in the project. We build the UML diagram and determine if FullStack Labs will need to create or update the stores to complete the project.

CI/CD, Monitoring, Errors, Analytics and Dev Tooling, Etc.

We’ll provide a list and description of the tooling that will be involved in the project (both existing and proposed), along with pricing for the services.


This includes the list of the test suites that will be used for the project. We provide a test coverage report including all functions and components tested. In this section we provide the details about what is already tested and what is missing.


We determine whether the client owns their servers or if they use a cloud provider. We identify their current cost structure and list out or estimate the volume of traffic by day, hour, and minute.

This includes assessing if the client expects traffic bursts and/or spikes. We make recommendations regarding hosting assets and load testing based on consumers’ locations and the client’s current testing infrastructure.

We also determine if there is a plan in place for monitoring load on the servers and help the client develop a deployment strategy to allow for minimal downtime.

We’ll provide a document that describes the growth strategies as the project scales. Here are a couple of examples:

After the Technical Discovery is ready, we move on to the next step:

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