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Some of our expert Golang Developers.

By combining USA and Canada technical leads and project managers with Senior Developers in Latin America, we offer clients the quality, security, and convenience of onshore development paired with the cost savings of nearshore development.
Leandro Sinhorini
Senior Software Engineer
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Latin America
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 Years of Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Leandro Sinhorini, Latin America

Ben Carle
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 Years of Experience

As the CIO of FullStack Labs I'm directly responsible for managing and contributing to our most critical client projects. I'm a senior software engineer with 15 years of experience building complex custom software and leading development teams.

Stone Costa
Senior Software Engineer
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 Years of Experience

Brett Dugan
Senior Software Engineer
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 Years of Experience

As a Senior Software Engineer at FullStack Labs, I’m building incredible and exciting software solutions that are beautiful and effective.

Sam Hanes
Software Architect
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 Years of Experience

As a Senior Software Engineer at FullStack Labs I'm focused on building complex mobile applications using React.js.

Aldo Dávila
Senior Software Engineer
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Latin America
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 Years of Experience

At FullStack Labs, I'm responsible for creating client solutions using React, React Native, Node.js, and more.

Client Testimonials

We really appreciate FullStack’s expertise, and understanding of best practices, for React.js. Their team really is working at the bleeding edge of the technology. After implementing their recommendations we’ve been able to increase automation and decrease labor by 50% in our AR department, freeing up our people for more productive uses.

It’s not easy to get 5 stars from me but you guys have been great! You show up on time, you finish within the schedule. We’re doing accounting and financial systems which means that you have to learn the business side of it. It’s not only software, you have to understand the workflow. Our experience has been amazing.

- George Grant -
Director of IT, The Coding Network

Working with FullStack Labs (Gisselle and Charly) has been one of, if not THE, best work experiences I’ve had in my life - and I’ve built a lot of stuff in my 70+ years.

- Bill Estberg -
President, chill-n-go

Engagement Models for Golang Projects

New Golang Apps

Create new high-performance applications with our Elite Golang Developers and Consultants. They will turn your vision into reality along with our expert Project Managers, Designers, and Senior Frontend Developers.

Existing Golang Apps

We will help you revamp your current Golang implementation and mold it according to your company’s goals and needs. Our Golang developers are experienced in all kinds of consulting, support, maintenance, and rescue projects.

Golang Staff Augmentation

Fill the talent gaps in your team rapidly, effectively, and cost-efficiently. We accelerate the onboarding of expert Golang developers and seamlessly integrate them into your ongoing projects, reducing your project’s time to market and leveling up your team’s capabilities.

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How to Hire Golang Developers Through FullStack Labs

  • 1. Talk to us!

    We will work with you to understand your technical needs, team dynamics, and goals.

  • 2. Meet our available talent

    We’ll send you FullStack Golang developers that match your technical requirements, with links to their FullStack profile page which outlines their work experience and technical abilities, as well as their FullStack technical summary page, which includes a 60 minute video of the developer completing FullStack’s coding challenge, and a plethora of other technical information from their interview with us.

  • 3. 14 Day Risk-free trial

    Start the engagement. Work with your new Golang developers for a trial period, ensuring they're the right fit.

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Why Hire Golang Developers from FullStack Labs?


Expert Specialists

At FullStack Labs, we’re all about excellence in software development. That’s why we hire the best Golang Developers in the US and Latin America and pair you up with seasoned experts that fill your talent gaps and deliver critical value to your project.


Scalable Engagements

From a single Golang engineer to a fully-featured software development team, we provide you with solutions that allow you to scale up and down as needed. All of our contracts are month-to-month and can be canceled with 30-days notice.


Daily Reporting

Each day you'll receive a detailed report that shows all hours billed the previous day with a description of what was completed, as well as month-to-date and year-to-date totals. This applies to all projects, regardless of size or complexity.

flexible engagements

Transparent Billing

Our detailed management and billing process is focused on transparency, and we use it to measure the efficiency of our developers. This way, you only pay for the hours we work—no weekly or monthly block billing.


Seamless Onboarding

Most of our engineers onboard to client projects in less than 2 weeks and immediately ramp up development and project contributions. We handle all of the onboarding overhead so that you and your team can focus on building great software.


Global Talent

Our talent is distributed across more than 17 countries in Central and South America. We’re able to reach a large pool of talent, always making sure to assign the Region’s top Engineers to your project.

FullStack Labs is proudly remote.

We have an ever growing team of incredible people currently located in these countries.
Meet our Leadership Team
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Meet our Leadership Team

Our Clients Love Us, And You Will Too.

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Let's Talk!

We’d love to learn more about your project.
Engagements start at $75,000.


At FullStack Labs, we hire the best Golang developers, engineers, programmers, coders, and architects in the US and Latin America. Uber, Siemens, and hundreds of other companies have chosen us for their mission-critical software development projects. Here are a few Golang Interview Questions you can use to screen Golang candidates in your next project.

Q: Give 5 examples of predeclared types in Golang.


bool, byte, complex64, complex128, error, float32, float64, int, int8, int16, int32, int64, rune, string, uint, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64, uintptr.

Note: Only 5 need to be provided for a correct answer.

Q: Assume we are building a binary tree where each node has a left child, a right child, a name, and an integral value. Give the type definition for a node in this tree. Call your type "Node."


"type Node struct {    
left, right *Node    
name string    
value int}"

Note: left and right can be declared on separate lines. Other integer types such as int32 are acceptable as value.

Q: What is returned by the address operation? What type is generated by the address operation?


The address operation returns a pointer to the operand. For an operand of type T, the address operation &a returns a pointer of type *T.

Q: Why is var x = nil an illegal declaration?


This declaration is illegal because no type can be inferred for x.

Q: Give an example of a short variable declaration and explain how it differs from a regular variable declaration.


i := 1

A short variable declaration is a shorthand notation for a regular variable declaration where no type is provided.

Q: Given a type T, what is the difference between the following channel declarations?

chan<- T 
<-chan T


chan<- T can be used to send values of type T while <-chanT can be used to receive values of type T.

Q: What are errors in Go and how do you create a new one?


Errors are any type that implements the method Error() string and you could create new ones with:

  • errors.New(...)
  • fmt.Errorf(...)
  • Or by creating a type with the method Error() string

Q: What are goroutines and how can you create them?


GoRoutines are LIGHTWEIGHT threads managed by Go runtime. You can create them with the go statement.

go F() // F will be executed in a goroutine

Q: What is the empty interface and for what it is commonly used?


It is an interface with no methods (interface{}) and is commonly used to handle unknown types because every type implements an interface with no methods.

Q: Is possible to compose a Type by two or more types? If so, what happens when you try to call a method defined in more than one type?


You can compose it with multiples types and in case you have a function names collapse you can still access them by using the Embedded field.

type A struct {}
func (A) F() {}
type B struct {}
func (B) F() {}
type C struct {
C{}.F()   // error
C{}.A.F() // ok
C{}.B.F() // ok

Q: What are slices in Go?


A slice is a data structure to represent a view (or window) of consecutive elements over an array.
It is represented with a pointer to a position over the array, a length, and a capacity.

Q: Why is the following code illegal?
a := [...]int{"a", "b"}
b := [...]int{"A", "B", "C"}
c := a
c = b


Because c is defined with type [2]string (line 3) and it is trying to assign b with type [3]string (line 4).