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Case Study

The Word of God for All People in Every Language

We partnered with Faith Comes by Hearing, to complete a major overhaul of their existing app. We redesigned the UI, expanded the feature set, and rebuilt the app from the ground up.



Faith Comes by Hearing

Project Name


Focus Areas

eReader, Media Player

Project Type

Design & Build

Faith Comes by Hearing is a global organization that provides a vast library of Biblical content in written, audio, and video format. They currently have over the bible available in over 1,300 languages. Their mission is to provide God’s word to people in every tribe, nation, and language with the tools and technology of today.

Person holding phone with ReconVelocity App
Phone with ReconVelocity App

Faith Comes by Hearing originally released their Bible.is app in 2015 and found had slowly fallen behind their competition when it came to the features available within the app. By adding more modern features and technology to the app, Bible.is would be able to maintain and grow their base in addition to pursuing their mission.

In 2019, we embarked on the mission to rebuild the Bible.is app from the ground up and release the updated version to the over 5 million existing users. 


Based on the initial requirements, we created low fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test out the feasibility and functionality of the new features that were requested. With these prototypes, we were able to rapidly iterate on the concepts to get them to a point where users felt excited about the enhancements rather than burdened by new features.

Our team developed a visual style that represented the brand with a modern aesthetic through typography, high-contrast, and updated imagery. We built a design system that would serve as the foundation for the components, and created a clickable prototype that demonstrated the full functionality of the app. 

Various ReconVelocity screenshots from the web app.


The app was built with ____ frameworks and _______. The front-end of the app was built using Material Bread; a React Native component library which was built and is maintained by our team. 

Need more development content here.

FCBH Bible.is
ReconVelocity Dashboard in the web app.


During the design phase, we conducted regular internal testing within our team, and we made the prototypes available for the Faith Comes by Hearing to conduct their own testing. Because their entire team are also users of the app, they made great test subjects. With Figma, people were able to test out the prototypes right on their phone, and with the level of detail we provided, they were able to test and give feedback on the full functionality of the app. Before starting development we went through several rounds of testing and iteration of the prototype. 

During development, we did __________________________ for testing.

FSL iteration process.
ReconVelocity Vadar in the web app.

Technologies Used

No items found.


In February 2020, we launched the new version of Bible.is to over 5 million users in over 1,300 languages around the world with a completely new UI, feature enhancements, and a whole new codebase. Since the release, we have continued to add new features and iterate on existing features based on feedback coming from users.

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