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Vasilis Dellaportas, AWS DevOps near Bedford, Virginia
Vasilis Dellaportas

DevOps Engineer

Near Bedford, Virginia

BA, History, University of Illinois, Chicago

21 Years of Experience

Bedford, Virginia
Technology Expertise
Employment History

FullStack Labs Aug 2019 - Present

DevOps Engineer

McKinsey & Co. (Consultant) Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

Sr. DevSecOps Engineer

• SeniorDevOps Engineer working in a development, security and architecture role.
• Utilized Nessus automation and scanning apparatus for all Cloud and SaaS-based environments.
• Managed Ossec and Suricata configurations/automation within AWS, OnPrem and Azure.
• Incorporation of OPA into the Kubernetes farms that were built out on premises and in the cloud.

Roostify May 2017 - Oct 2018

Sr. DevOps Engineer

• Senior Devops Engineer working in a development, security, and architecture role for Heroku and AWS environments.
• Automation of Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, NewRelic, ELK Stack, Splunk and Playbook creation and integration.
• Cloud Formation stack creation, perfoming migrations to new VPCs configured with appropriate Network ACLs.
• Worked with vendors and engineers to move several clients from Heroku to AWS cloud services.

Nielsen Jun 2016 - May 2017

Sr. DevOps Engineer/Cloudops

• Automation of Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, ELK Stack, Zabbix/Nagios and Grafana.
• Ensured SLAs and site availability through all monitoring technologies.
• Designed automation surrounding Cloudformation and IAM policies, and all Security requirements inside of AWS and Azure.
• Provided monitoring, management and documentation for all new applications, implementations, and deployments.

Techdata Jul 2015 - Apr 2016

Sr. Devops (Consultant)

• Worked with infrastructure and network engineers to configure a highly scalable cloud footprint.
• Setup entire Bitbucket server for both Puppet and Chef and trained staff on utilization of Git.
• Worked to create environments for integrated configuration management/automation into company work streams.
• Worked on database migrations, ELB migrations/configuration changes, deployment and configuration management.

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