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Mauricio Montes, Ruby on Rails Developer near Cali, Colombia
Mauricio Montes

Senior Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer

Near Cali, Colombia

5 Years of Experience

Barranquilla Office
Technology Expertise
Employment History

FullStack Labs Oct 2019 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Azumo Jan 2018 - Oct 2019

Senior Web Application Developer

• Responsible for microservices and web applications for multiple clients.
• Built monolith structuring system in Ruby on Rails and ReactJS to support company website.
• Built microservices structuring system in JavaScript and ReactJS to support all transactions.

Youse Insurance Co. Oct 2016 - Sep 2018

Senior Developer

• Built monolith structuring system in Ruby on Rails and ReactJS to support all transactions on the company website.

Actualicese.com Sep 2013 - Dec 2016

Backend Developer

• Responsible for RESTFul services and web application for accounting company.
• Built API system in PHP and Python to support customer order services.
• Created business intelligence system to analyze customer behavior.
• Lead developer of system to send 1 million emails in two hours and track responses.

Compunet Sep 2012 - Sep 2013


• Created and developed an online document management system for IT company.
• Built mobile application to monitor sales and control inventory for logistics firm.
• Developed app to manage the process of moving medicine and supplies, from procurement to end user.
• Built scheduling application for food industry corporation to manage schedules and control absenteeism.

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