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Matthew Krannig, Admin near Austin, TX
Matthew Krannig

Business Analyst/Project Manager

Near Austin, TX

BS, Political Science and Business, University of Texas, Austin

11 Years of Experience

Austin, TX
Employment History

FullStack Labs Mar 2020 - Present

Business Analyst/Project Manager

MercadoLibre.com Feb 2016 - Mar 2020

Senior Project Manager

• Managed design and development of web portal and associated apps for key company target markets.
• Directed operations data initiatives and automatization of work flows in support of the business operating system.
• Drove market strategy creation and execution through data driven and intuitive insights about customers and market participation.
• Designed and delivered ERP business intelligence application while managing team in remote Agile environment.

Zurich International Group May 2013 - Feb 2016

Project Manager

• Successfully lead Agile implementation of underwriting and ERM client facing workflow application project.
• Developed, delivered and owned a big data application integrating customer, HR and agent quantified feedback.
• Designed and owned call monitoring data application to deliver relevant and accurate customer data, dashboards and solutions.

Oak Hill Financial Jan 2012 - May 2013

Senior Business Analyst

• Designed and delivered new web and client applications intended to redefine financial company business plan.
• Coordinated with outside sales team to develop pricing models in response to identified market trends and customer feedback.

Texas Mutual Insurance Co. Feb 2009 - Feb 2012

Business Analyst II

• Designed, delivered and maintained HL7 and HIPPA compliant Underwriting and Claims EMR application.
* Researched and mined untapped pricing vs. loss leading to a decrease in superfluous claim expenditures.
• Coordinated with outside global sales team to develop pricing models.
• Responded to market trends and direct customer feedback, increasing market share for the company.

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