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Felipe Moyano, Ruby on Rails Developer near Bogota, Colombia
Felipe Moyano

Senior Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails Developer

Near Bogota, Colombia

Engineer's Degree, Systems Engineering, Universidad de los Andes

6 Years of Experience

Professional Bio

As a Senior Software Engineer at FullStack Labs, I focus on creating top-of-the-line web applications and delivering value to clients. I have more than 7 years of experience working with frameworks like Ruby on Rails and React Native to deliver high-quality products for both enterprise clients and consumers. I love working on products that have a positive impact on people and have experience managing software projects, teams and products. Prior to FullStack I was a co-founder and CTO at Savy Co., a fitness and wellness Startup based in Bogotá. I have a BS degree in Systems and Computing Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes at Bogotá.

Barranquilla Office
Technology Expertise
Employment History

FullStack Labs Jun 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Savy Colombia Feb 2018 - Jun 2020


• Responsible for the general product concept, vision and direction of fitness and wellness startup.
• Led and grew the development and design teams for company applications.
• Developed prototypes and features for products in Ruby on Rails and React Native.
• Supported web and mobile applications with hundreds of users.

Freelancer Aug 2016 - Jan 2018

Software Engineer

• Designed and developed custom CMSs for various clients using Ruby on Rails/JAMstack.
• Developed and architected custom web apps in Ruby on Rails.
• Built custom React Native apps for various Startups on the market research phase.
• Supported remote teams with front end development using React.

Periferia IT Nov 2015 - Sep 2016


• Developed a React.js and WebAPI application for handling complex forms dynamically created from a data base.
• Utilized a custom workflow manager in .NET to provide a web interface for various backend systems.
• Used .NET and SqlServer to enable users to configure and automatically send client information to external partners.
• Created a web application to enable users to fire complex background processes with an intuitive interface.

Accenture Nov 2013 - Nov 2015

Software Developer Associate

• Assisted clients on site to analyze and define technology requirements for new projects.
• Provided development services following a waterfall approach on existing systems.
• Developed a .NET MVC application focusing on excellent UX for an internal help desk system.
• Created a multi-threaded Java program to generate a large number of PDF reports for a Telecom company.

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