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The Coding Network

The Review


Tell me about your business and your role within the organization?

Director of IT for The Coding Network. We do medical coding and auditing for the healthcare industry in the US.


What challenges were you trying to address with FullStack Labs?

Three things. We had a system that was built by another developer that was fragile and out-of-control. Our month-end process would break every month. It was difficult to support and maintain on an operational basis.

Another challenge was that we needed a knowledgeable resource to upgrade the system, to make it supportable and maintainable. We had some known bugs in the system.

Thirdly, we’re a growing company. We’ve outgrown Quickbooks and we wanted to migrate to Accounting Seed which is a SalesForce application. We needed a complete systems integration.


What is the scope of our involvement?

FullStack Labs was integral in dealing with all of our challenges, repair of the pre-existing system, upgrading, and integration. The team initially stabilized the system. Then Michael Godshall came in and made some significant improvements and upgrades, fixing all of the known bugs.

The first phase of the system integration has been completed.

What is the team composition?

Rodrigo Morales
Michael Godshall
Mike Piccolo
David Jackson

How did you come to work with us?

I did a Google search for people with the expertise we needed in Python / software development, and I found FullStack Labs. We had some discussions and it seemed like a perfect fit so we moved forward.

What is the status of the engagement?

The integration will be completed by the end of March so we’ll have it all tested and ready to go into production. Then there will be some training. After that we’ll utilize FullStack Labs on an ongoing basis for support and maintenance.

How much longer do you see the engagement on-going?

Probably forever!


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

We just finished testing the Salesforce integration and did a cross-compare of all the results with our live production system and it balanced to the penny. We’re very pleased that it reconciled. It’s a big accomplishment and we’re happy it was completed on schedule!

How did we perform from a project management standpoint?

I’m very pleased with the way you guys manage projects and get work done, very professional and efficient. Excellent.

What have you found most impressive about us?

The existing application was maintained on our previous vendor’s in-house servers and you migrated the entire application to AWS. That was a big deal. FullStack Labs moved it to the cloud and got it under control and fixed the bugs, and made it operational. That’s not easy to do with another company’s code. Both the guys and the management have been top-notch and professional.

It’s not easy to get 5 stars from me but you guys have been great! You show up on time, you finish within the schedule. We’re doing accounting and financial systems which means that you have to learn the business side of it. It’s not only software, you have to understand the workflow. Our experience has been amazing.

Are there any areas of improvement?

No, I can’t think of anything.

Repair pre-existing system, upgrade software and integrate into new accounting system.

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Project Category

System Upgrade and Integration

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Project Duration

Nov. 2017 - Ongoing

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Project Size

1,112 Hours

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The Reviewer
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George Grant, Director of IT
The Coding Network
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Los Angeles, CA
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