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American Portfolio Holdings

The Review


Tell me about your business and your role within the organization?

We are a privately held, independent broker / dealer within the financial services industry. I am a Senior Software Engineer in the Platform Development department of American Portfolio Holdings. I’m responsible for the development of various products which are used across the organization. I worked closely with the FullStack Labs team on development. The FullStack Labs team was brought in at a very crucial time. They ramped up quickly on our project and were able to deliver under tight deadlines.


What challenge were you trying to address with FullStack Labs?

We needed to augment our existing team in order to hit some critical development deadlines.


What is the scope of our involvement?

FullStack Labs joined our team midway when the design was essentially in place, but we needed to build some additional functionality there. FullStack Lab's Design Team was a crucial value-add to the project. Brian and Analdo brought in creative / innovative ideas and processes which greatly aided the project’s success. These processes ensured understanding of the design, clarity behind expectations, and helped avoid confusion or any last minute surprises once the development was done.

Though FullStack Labs greatly impacted our project through design, their primary engagement was to augment our development team.

What is the team composition?

Primarily composed of one lead developer, David Watts and two developers based in South America, all Angular developers. It was just me interacting with them on our side.

How did you come to work with us?

I think my manager, Andrew, picked FullStack Labs because it was a smaller organization with a human touch. When we evaluated a few other companies for this short-term engagement, other companies said that they would send us things to review but David and Mike, in the first conversation, just had that face-to-face meeting with us over the video call. I think Mike and his team, before we’d even engaged them, did a free evaluation of the codebase to see if it was in decent shape. They came back with their feedback and we felt like they knew what they were doing. That human interaction, it helped.

How much time has been invested?

The team required very little management on my part.

What is the status of the engagement?

The project is wrapping up so it should be coming to an end in the next few weeks.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

It had a very big impact. The specific timeframe when we reached out was about two to three months before our national conference, which is the biggest event for us in a calendar year. We needed somebody who could quickly get started and also deliver at a very rapid pace. FullStack Labs delivered before our national conference deadline, which was a huge win for our company and for my internal team.

How did we perform from a project management standpoint?

Perfect. David Watts was my primary point of contact, and he was available any time I needed him. We would talk on a weekly basis, and would discuss the priorities for the upcoming weeks. He would ensure that the team had the correct amount of work, not overloaded or underloaded. He was a good project manager.

What did you find most impressive about FullStack Labs?

FullStack Labs has very strong technical people, I can’t say anything more. I never complained that a specific resource was lacking. The team had all of the needed technical skill-sets and very good quality developers.

Management - Dave, Mike, everybody - was available at anytime in Slack. We didn’t see that huge corporate delay that you get from big companies.

I was introduced to Slack and Zoom because of FullStack Labs and grew to appreciate them as tools / resources.

Are there any areas of improvement?

FullStack Labs performs in an optimal way, I can’t think of any recommendations. The team is very agile and very technically-qualified. Management is available whenever needed. There were times during the months of August and September when we needed the team to stretch to meet goals, so the team worked after hours and on weekends to hit these milestones.

FullStack Labs provided short-term team augmentation to help American Portfolio Holdings hit some mission critical development deadlines, in time for a national industry conference.

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Jul. 2018 - Mar. 2019

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2,130 Hours

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The Reviewer
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Ravi Meka, Senior Software Engineering Manager
American Portfolio Holdings
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New York City, New York
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