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React Native Coding Challenge

This is our React Native Coding Challenge. This will allow you to gauge simultaneously how the developer solves problems and their expertise in programming in React Native.

The Toy Block Coding Challenge

The toy blocks programming suite includes a variety of client and API applications supporting a common toy blockchain scenario. In this simple naive blockchain each node contains a list of blocks and each block has a general data field. The API instances represent nodes in the blockchain network. Each node can be queried for status and for the list of blocks.


For the client programming challenge you will contribute a feature to one of the client applications. Each of the client applications begins with the same functionality implemented in a different technology. Click on the appropriate repository below to access the repository for the client programming challenge

React Native Mobile Client


The following server implementations of the toy block node are available.

Node Express API Server

Live Nodes

The following nodes are deployed for use during the client programming challenge. Each one is preloaded with a different starting blockchain.

Thawing Springs

Secret Lowlands

Calm Anchorage

Each node supports the following requests that will be used in the client challenge.


GET / api/v1/status


GET / api/v1/blocks

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