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FullStack Labs is a leading, USA based Python consultancy. Top companies and leading start-ups choose us for their mission critical Python projects. The examples below demonstrate the work we are capable of:

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Agile software development drives innovation

Siemens is a multinational, Fortune 500 company focused on the healthcare, energy, and infrastructure space. Their digital innovation team needed help designing and developing four distinct custom software applications for different departments within Siemens. So they partnered with FullStack Labs, and in a very short period of time we were able to successfully develop and launch all four applications, under very tight deadlines.

Technologies: Python , Ember.js

Changing the way people walk

Ekso is a leading manufacturer of human exoskeletons. We helped Ekso design and develop Ekso Pulse, a secure online portal that provides tools for exoskeleton users to manage and retrieve data from their devices.

Technologies: React.js , Babel , Python , AWS S3

Python Training for an existing team

Sharp Healthcare is a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare delivery system serving the San Diego area. They had a strong internal team of developers, but needed team augmentation and training for Python. So they called on FullStack to help level up their team in regards to Python expertise, best practices, and tools that equipped them to be able to migrate their legacy CLI system to Python.

Technologies: Python

Moving paper based test taking to the cloud

NetCE is the leader in continuing education for doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, and many other professionals. For decades they've used a paper-based test that students would complete and mail to NetCE to be graded. This process was a bit outdated and cumbersome, so we designed and developed a React Native mobile application (paired with a Python API) that allows students to take tests from the convenience of their mobile device, replacing their existing paper-based system, which streamlined their internal processes and drove efficiency.

Technologies: React Native , Babel , Python , AWS S3

“FullStack’s knowledgeable team is skillfully and effectively developing the needed technology updates. They’re helpful in guiding decision-making, and their strong interpretation and communication abilities help them to deliver the desired results. Their quality work is inspiring future projects.“
Brent Meinyer - Director of Research and Development, NetCE
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Digital Tools For the Medical Industry

The Coding Network is a leader in medical coding services. Their custom python application was in need of work, and due to the critical nature of medical records, it was imperative that the work be performed by an expert developer who would take care to not introduce new bugs or regressions. So they partnered with FullStack and one of our lead Python developers, which has lead to great success over the last two years.

Technologies: Python

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