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FullStack Labs Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is a widely used measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It asks customers "How likely are you to refer a company to a friend or colleague" on a scale of 1 - 10. Customers that respond with 9 or 10 are classified as promoters, 6 or less are detractors, and 7 and 8 are passive. These responses are then used to calculate NPS score, which can range from -100 to +100, and results are interpreted in the following scale.

NPS Scale

NPS scale: -100 to 0 needs improvement, 0 to 30 good, 30 to 70 great and 70 to 100 excellent. NPS scale: -100 to 0 needs improvement, 0 to 30 good, 30 to 70 great and 70 to 100 excellent.

What Our Current Clients Have To Say

Below are the results from our most recent anonymous client survey, which we conduct every 6 months. In order to calculate our NPS, and determine what our clients think we're doing well, and how we can improve.

  • 0 = Not at all likely  
  • 5 = Neither likely or unlikely
  • 10 = Extremely likely
How likely is it that you would recommend FullStack Labs to a friend or colleague? What does FullStack do well? What can we do better?
9 High level of execution. Skip.
8 The ability of FSL personnel to embed and collaborate with our full-time resources as if they were themselves employees has been pretty seamless. When we do swap out contract resources, we would like to have more insight/input into what personnel are being substituted into the project.
10 Great engineers, easy to work with organization. Having near shore QA resources would be greatly beneficial.
5 Hire good talent. Reduce prices. Your margins are too high and you will lose that talent.
10 Helps bring our concepts to life! Communicate changes w/ a thoughtful solution. We lost Samantha as a designer and were pretty upset about it. Obviously things change and we're not a big client, but I wish this had been handled a little differently.
10 Support, service, communication, development. Skip.
10 Mobile and web app development. Skip.
8 Good communication. Timely response. Consistent design elements. Collaborative. More resource for our many projects. Consistent resource on one project.
8 Fairly solid project management. Solid engagement by management as appropriate. Clean, well organized code. All is fairly solid. Only challenge we may have had was in translating actions from meeting discussions to reality. But worked through it towards the end of project.
10 Skip. Skip.
7 Work is very accurate, the programmers we have worked with are responsive and great to work with. Scheduling/overloading of programmers has lead to delays.
9 Very solid developers, great communication, friendly, great project tracking in Jira. Getting consistent QA help has been difficult. Long waits for hardware to be delivered.
10 Transparent tracking and reporting of hours. Project manager role is not always efficient.
10 FullStack finds personnel well. Skip.
10 Follow up and get things done. Faster access to senior tech support.
8 Many things. Communication is great. Making the product their own is the best I have seen. Transparency. We love the daily hour breakdowns! I think team has finally gotten the hang of things, but for awhile there, we could not complete sprints. Without a doubt, there would be a significant amount of tickets that would not get finished.
9 Customer service. I do wish work moved faster and cost less, but that's because I watch a tight budget. You're worth it and we have a great product for the price but you asked and I needed to come up with an answer.
10 Liked the calendar so I can select an interview date, so no coordination overhead. Also quality of people so far has been pretty high. Skip.
8 Communication via Slack has been great. More detailed consultant resumes, broader consultant skillsets.
10 While we had someone else helping with the initiation of scheduling interview on the GD side of things (so wasn't fully involved in the process), felt to me like it was a breeze to schedule interviews by simply picking available time slots. Skip.
9 The product is great so far. Our direct team is available when needed and additional FSL team members are also available for questions or further discussions. Something so specialized like this can be difficult to communicate to non-technical people. Sometimes we need things explained to us as if we have no background at all. The tracking system FSL uses (Jira and a combination of others) seems like it works very well for them. For the client we don't need a different program or software just for us, we just need the information sent us timely, accurate and in a form we can process and share within our company. How this is done could improve. We also acknowledge we have had new team members enter and leave the process along the way. A refresh every now and then may help.
10 Taking designs/requirements to amazing apps, good SDLC process. Maybe a quarterly executive review would have been nice...but everything was great!

FullStack Labs Employee NPS

The employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a concept that builds off the NPS system, allowing employers to measure and get a snapshot of employees’ willingness to be ambassadors for the company by advocating employment there.

What Our Employees Have To Say

Below are the results from our most recent anonymous employee survey, which we conduct every quarter. In order to calculate our NPS, and determine what our employees think we're doing well, and how we can improve.

  • 0 = Not at all likely  
  • 5 = Extremely likely


The average rating for all responses we received is 4.3. We plan to continue improving as one of the best employers in the U.S. and Latin America.


We got a total of 139 responses on our last anonymous employee survey. That is a 13% increase compared to our last survey.

I am proud to work at FullStack Labs

Most of our employees feel proud to be working at FullStack Labs. On average, we got a score of 4.67 out of 5 for this specific question.

I feel respected and valued by my coworkers

Here at FSL we promote a culture that makes our employees feel respected and valued. Regarding these aspects, our average score is 4.63 out of 5.

My manager is a great role model for employees

The management team at FSL is perceived as good role models for other employees. We still have work to do, but on average we got a score of 4.51.

FullStacks's systems and processes help me get my work done effectively

Here at FSL, we make sure our employees have all systems and processes in place to get their work done effectively. Each day, we're evaluating and optimizing processes to facilitate our collaborators' work. We got a score of 4.28 on our latest survey.

I know what I need to do to be successful in my role

Expectations are clear for each of the roles within FSL. Our employees have a clear career path and have the information about what they need to do to get to the next level.

Day-to-day decisions here demonstrate that quality and improvement are top priorities

Day to day we strive to make quality and improvement our top priorities at all levels of the organization. We asked our employees if our decisions reflect this, and the average response was 4.59 out of 5.

I believe there are good career oportunities for me at FullStack Labs

We're continuing to improve in showing the right career path for each of our employees. As we continue to grow, we also look for our employees to do so with us.

I see myself still working at FullStack Labs in one year time

Our employees are in for the long term. Most of them agree or highly agree with the affirmation "I see myself still working at FullStack Labs in one year".

How likely are you to recommend FullStack Labs as a place to work to your family, friends, or former coworkers?

We used this question to calculate our employee NPS. Here we see detractors (0 to 6), passives (7 and 8), and promoters (9 and 10). Our Employee NPS score is 66.