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Why Sourcers Are Important to IT

Written by 
Sergio Clavijo
IT Technical Sourcer
Why Sourcers Are Important to IT
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When you think about technology, you realize how much we've improved it over the last few decades, displaying inventions or things we've never seen before and giving people hope that we can make a better life for future generations.

IT companies are the future of this new era, providing work to thousands of people who are curious about this unknown and innovative path. This way, we should realize that behind all of these tech profile searches and investigations, there is an important team that is focused on hiring the most qualified people in order to grow as a company, which is the recruiting team.

How is a recruiting team composed?

In most IT companies around the world, you will see a constituted team in the human resources department called Recruiting, which is made up of recruiters and talent sourcers. You could say the recruiters are the important members of this team because they are in charge of everything. First, they look up some profiles, then contact the candidates and have the introduction meetings with them. Later, they do a follow-up on each candidate to make sure each one of them is at the correct step in the hiring process. They also calculate all the ranks and scores each candidate gets in the challenges and, finally, end the process once the candidate signs the offer letter to start working for the company.

We all agree that recruiters are important members of the company, but what about the talent sourcers? Yes, they are as important as recruiters for one simple reason: they make the first contact with the candidate. The sourcers' main task is to find the best possible candidate for each job posting a company has. So, they have to be qualified in the technology area to verify and analyze each profile for each piece of software needed. If you have people who are not qualified for this job, they will find and contact candidates that do not have the experience the company is looking for, and this would be a waste of time for the hiring process.

Now that we know the difference between a sourcer and a recruiter, we must say that the task a sourcer has is just one part of the job that a recruiter has to do. So, basically, a recruiter performs the sourcer’s tasks, but a sourcer does not perform the recruiter's tasks. Yes, this is the reality we are facing. If a company wants to hire only recruiters, they can and will be in charge of everything, from the first contact with the candidate until the offer letter is signed. However, this would be a bad decision because the recruiters would not have the proper time during the day to source candidates, meaning they would not be able to make the necessary number of calls or achieve enough hires to meet the demands of the company. Do you see the importance of the sourcers in a company now?

Why are talent sourcers needed more than ever?

According to a study that involved 33.000 LinkedIn members, only 36 percent of the profiles are actively looking for new opportunities, but what is surprising is that 90 percent of all the profiles interviewed are willing to hear more about the job offer while having a stable job in another company. This is exactly why you need to hire talent sourcers in the recruiting team. 

Although having only recruiters in the team will help the company to reduce costs, you can now see that is not a smart decision in the long term. Investing in talent sourcers nowadays is key for every company, because it allows them to have more options for interviews, processes, and work for each member of the team.

It is crucial to mention the supply and demand concept because this is the truth behind the sourcer’s position. When you have more demand from clients or have to perform more tasks than usual because of the constant growth in the company, you will need to have more job postings, candidates, and employees. This is the supply of the company, and at that specific moment of growth, the sourcers are needed and important nowadays.

In conclusion, both recruiters and talent sourcers are important pieces of the puzzle. They are in charge of the growth of the company, and more importantly, they have to make sure every new employee has the qualities, desire, and values to work in the proper environment. If you’re interested in learning more about how we hire at FullStak Labs, visit our detailed page about how we hire.

Sergio Clavijo
Written by
Sergio Clavijo
Sergio Clavijo

I am a loyal, responsible and committed person who pays the utmost attention to detail in all of my work. With more than 3 years of experience in Customer Service, I am now a Technical Sourcer at FullStack Labs, where I focus on the most important resource a company has: their people.

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