Top 7 React Native Apps Built by FullStack Labs in 2018

Written by David Jackson, CEO

Chances are strong that you have a React Native app on your phone... that is if you use AirB&B, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, or you enjoy playing 2048. Introduced in 2015, React Native is a powerful mobile framework that allows developers to build a single app that can be deployed to both iOS and Android - saving both time and money for organizations pursuing a mobile app strategy.

With an eye to the future, FullStack Labs has built a core team of React Native Developers who specialize in full-featured mobile app creation and deployment. In addition, our Designers are experts in mobile layout and functionality for all device types. We invite you to check out a few of the systems we created in 2017.

RizKnows hired FullStack Labs to design and develop their React Native iOS and Android app.


RizKnows curates deals, discounts, and promotions for technology, health & fitness, sporting goods, and outdoor products. Their existing website and popular YouTube videos have been a big success, but the company knew it was missing out on business by not having a mobile app. RizKnows contracted with FullStack Labs to design and develop iOS and Android apps that integrate with their existing web app. Since their July launch, the mobile apps have been downloaded tens of thousands of times and have garnered 280+ five star reviews

uChat trusted FullStack Labs to built React Native iOS and Android apps


Two years ago, Uber’s corporate chat application began to fail due to their company’s massive growth. Uber’s engineering team was tasked with building a new, custom chat app with web, desktop, and mobile clients. For mobile, they decided to use React Native, but they didn’t have the in-house resources for the project so they elected to hire a third-party vendor that specialized in React Native. After considering their options, they selected FullStack Labs to lead the development of the React Native iOS and Android apps for uChat.

Learn more about uChat
Tribe trusted FullStack Labs to built React Native iOS and Android apps


Tribe is a dating app for the Jewish community. Users create in-depth profiles that generate potential matches based on a complex algorithm. Once a match is made, the app offers date activity ideas based on the combined profile information. Previously, Tribe was an iOS-only app built with Swift, but in order to reach their entire market, they needed to build an Android app as well. The potential of having one code base that could be deployed to both iOS and Android was intriguing, so the owners engaged FullStack to build a React Native Android app that mirrored their existing iOS app. We plan to launch the app in early 2018, and replace the existing iOS app with the React Native app, later in 2018.

Learn more about the Tribe Dating App
Bunk1 partnered with FullStack Labs to design and build their React Native iOS and Android apps


Bunk1 connects parents with their children while the young ones are away at summer camp. FullStack Labs was contracted by Bunk1 to design and build iOS and Android React Native mobile apps that would allow parents to view pictures of their kids at camp, send notes, read newsletters, and engage with camp staff in various ways. The resulting apps fully integrate with Bunk1’s existing web application, providing a seamless user experience across web and mobile.

Clik2Flip partnered with FullStack Labs to design and build their React Native iOS and Android apps


Clik2Flip allows real estate investors to quickly analyze residential property investments and determine offer price, rental rates, estimated expenses, associated return on investment, etc. The application takes the leg-work out of real estate investing and saves investors hours of analysis. FullStack Labs worked with Clik2Flip from the beginning of the project and assisted with design and discovery, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Yaya relied on FullStack to design and develop their iOS and Android React Native apps.


Yaya is a Silicon Valley startup focused on building a new way to hire service providers by using chat. Yaya reached out to FullStack Labs with their concept and a basic set of wireframes. We worked with them to distill the concept, design and build a prototype, and eventually develop and launch iOS and Android React Native apps.

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