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How to Improve the Candidate Experience in Recruitment

Written by 
Jorge Morales Ramirez
Director of Recruiting
How to Improve the Candidate Experience in Recruitment
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When it comes to attracting, engaging, and retaining the best talent, one thing that usually is underestimated is the power of offering a great hiring process, how fast the word is spread within their inner circle of colleagues, and how this is directly related to more high-quality prospects knocking at the company’s door.

Table of contents

Getting to know our candidates

Putting ourselves in the shoes of a candidate is the best exercise we can perform in order to understand how candidates really want to be treated and listened to, and it reminds us of communicating clearly and keeping things simple.

Given the demanding job market of the software development industry, it is important to acknowledge that it is pretty common that world-class engineers who are not looking for their next job are not always open to new opportunities or even willing to hear them, which leads us to understand the two different types of candidate we can find.

Active candidates are those candidates that are actively looking for a new role, whether or not they are currently employed. Passive candidates, on the other hand, are usually employed and not currently open to hearing new opportunities.

Studying both types of candidates more closely allows us to get to know more about their preferences, motivations, and expectations, and to receive their feedback about our selection process. That way, we can guarantee even better candidate experiences in the future, better communication with them, and finally win their trust.

At FullStack Labs, we hire both passive and active world-class engineers. How do we successfully do it?

Selling FullStack Lab’s culture and growth opportunities

We are focused on providing the best positive experience throughout the selection process. We know that is important to closely evaluate candidates, but also we recognize the importance of letting our candidates evaluate our organization, since we understand that the selection process is a win-win situation. That way, we can use the best approach to engage them with our culture.

We are not only focused on what we expect the candidates to bring to the table but the benefits and growth opportunities that come from working with us. We have an amazing work environment and challenging projects that need to be displayed to the candidates so that they can see how well structured our processes and projects are. 

Interview process

We are not only focused on asking our candidates questions during the interviews, but we love to learn from them, their career expectations, and what motivates them. This way, we can emphasize the role's purpose and how it fits within their personal growth path.

Addressing the company culture with enthusiasm and motivation

We know that it is not enough to simply say we offer a great work environment and amazing growth opportunities. We prove it during the whole process by giving our candidates an accurate view of what it is actually like to work at FullStack Labs, why we love being a part of the team, and what we have achieved during our career paths here.

If you are a world-class Software Engineer who is looking to take their career to the next level, we have incredible opportunities available in Central and South America for professionals with experience in React, React Native, Node, Ruby on Rails, Ember, Vue, and Angular, as well as SCRUM masters and DevOps engineers.

Jorge Morales Ramirez
Written by
Jorge Morales Ramirez
Jorge Morales Ramirez

As the Director of Recruiting with FullStack Labs, I'm responsible for the sourcing, screening and hiring of the best software developers. I network with potential candidates to promote FullStack Labs as the employer of choice. Prior to FullStack Labs I was a Sourcing Specialist at Sutherland Global Services. I am currently working on a degree in Industrial Engineering. In my spare time, when I’m not studying the latest technologies, I love to play soccer and work out in the gym.

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