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How to Source More Effectively in a Post-Pandemic Era

Written by 
Karen Lozano
IT Technical Sourcer
How to Source More Effectively in a Post-Pandemic Era
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In the last couple of years, society has been greatly impacted by a pandemic that directly affected most sectors. Due to this crisis, a wide range of social issues arose, such as unemployment, which increased exponentially throughout the world according to the International Labour Organization (OIT). Many large and small companies failed to evolve and meet the needs of their clients, forcing alternative and drastic solutions. 

On the other hand, the pandemic generated a great opportunity for the technology sector and all its affiliations. Due to the drastic need for innovation, new tools were created to solve the immediate issues society was facing. During this time, the importance of technology and the need for adaptability to changes in lifestyle became obvious. 

In this article, we will focus on this alteration caused in the business world and some best practices that allow the process of searching for human talent to be much more efficient and effective.

Some of the Changes Presented Post-Pandemic

The technology sector grew because labor demand was much higher post-pandemic based on an INFOBAE article. Tech companies were forced to increase the search for qualified profiles to participate in future projects. Currently, there are several tools and applications that connect companies with candidates around the world, optimizing the time of identification, classification, and selection of future candidates.

Due to the confinement that came with the pandemic, companies started to offer remote work options more often. Some advantages include fulfilling daily tasks from the comfort of the worker’s home. There was clear evidence that this could increase labor productivity because people could have a higher level of concentration in carrying out activities, flexibility around the schedule, work pressure, and overall stress decreased, all contributing to the emotional stability of the employee. Thanks to these positive results, many companies continue to adapt to this new labor system, which is attractive for any candidate applying for said job.

Tips to Reach More IT Talent in this New Era

Companies engage in competition because of the need to find qualified personnel. As companies look for strategies that allow them to attract candidates without having to recruit them, marketing has become one of the main factors. For this reason, it is necessary to consider the flow of didactic proposals that capture the interest of potential candidates through social media platforms. Companies can capture the interest of potential candidates through said social media platforms.

Since companies had to adapt to virtual business models, it is necessary to use a model that allows companies to expand their searches and expand the talent pool. The goal is to find qualified candidates in different parts of the world with the experience necessary and ultimately much more cost-effective.

The culture that the business represents is also a factor that attracts candidates. Today, companies face millennial candidates who operate with different methods and best practices than older generations. 

The pandemic has provided mental studies that suggest that the confinement of self-quarantine can affect work performance. It is important for companies to acknowledge this factor in the new business model. Therefore, it is important to always show a business culture that values and dedicates attention to valued employees. It is better to guide and support the employees rather than just supervise them and make sure they achieve the goals of their work.

It is always important to remember that the pandemic is not completely over. Therefore, companies and workers must continue to adapt to changes as we continue the transition back into "normalcy". It is critical to constantly identify society's needs and requirements so that we can adapt and implement the most effective business model for the new day.

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Karen Lozano
Written by
Karen Lozano
Karen Lozano

As a Technical Sourcer at FullStack Labs, I specialize in creating candidate funnels for positions that are hard to fill. On my day to day, I source and interact with potential candidates online, develop talent pipelines, conduct initial candidate screenings, manage candidate databases, and set up interviews.

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