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How IT Recruiters Find the Best Talent for a Specific Requirement Using LinkedIn

Written by 
Laura Ara
IT Recruiter
How IT Recruiters Find the Best Talent for a Specific Requirement Using LinkedIn
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The following article contains important tips to take into consideration for IT recruiters when trying to find the perfect candidate.

The technology sector has been growing and changing faster in the last decade. During and after the pandemic, companies are implementing new options and methodologies. Along with all these changes and the urge to digitalize the processes, also comes the need to hire specific roles or engineers for different technologies. As recruiters, we must also be aware of the changes in the IT field and the way the market behaves internationally, studying different roles and job descriptions for the vacancies and openings we are working on. This will lead us to select and find the right person for the position. Even though we have this information, we will also need to learn how to properly do the search for the different profiles the company requires. One of the most useful platforms for a recruiter is LinkedIn. By using this platform correctly, it will be much easier for the recruiters to find a specific profile that matches the different skills a role may require.

1. Understand the Requirement

When new requirements arrive, we must first understand the profile that fits it by adequately informing ourselves about the skills and technologies relevant to the role, clarifying the job description, and investigating topics or tools with which we are not familiar. Do the respective research, and based on this, begin our search for potential profiles.

2. Categorize the searches of the different profiles (Using LinkedIn)

Once you are clear about the requirements, the necessary skills, and the profile you are looking for, you are ready to find the perfect candidate. By using LinkedIn, you can perform profile searches in a basic way and find some filters to categorize the search, such as location, languages, current company, and some keywords where you can mention the skills you are looking for.

The searches would not be so specific in terms of filters. This will work better if you analyze profile by profile and make sure it attends to what the role demands.

3. Profile search process with LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn offers a tool focused on the search for profiles: the LinkedIn Recruiter tool. It facilitates the process of hunting and categorizing them since we can create projects to save and separate profiles, filtering more information. Here at FullStack Labs, recruiters use it a lot for sourcing.

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to search and filter various skills, roles, years of experience, languages, fluency types, seniority, and degrees: 

You also have the option to create your projects within the tool to have better control and organization when filtering and selecting potential candidates for positions:

Based on a matched profile, LinkedIn Recruiter helps you search for similar ones using the "Find more people like" option.

There are many ways to search for specific candidates that require different skills. Internally at Fullstack Labs, it is useful to have this tool since it customizes the work of recruiters as well as is organized and intuitive, facilitating and speeding up the selection process.

Laura Ara
Written by
Laura Ara
Laura Ara

I'm responsible for the sourcing, screening, and hiring of technical specialists to fill IT positions. My responsibilities include all aspects of hiring, from meeting with hiring managers to write job descriptions to offering job positions to the most suitable candidates.

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