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Key Takeaways for IT Recruiters In Fast-Growing Companies

Written by 
Alexandra Lastra
IT Recruiter Specialist
Key Takeaways for IT Recruiters In Fast-Growing Companies
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This blog post investigates how fast-growing companies drive increased recruiter adaptability and maintain company brand and employee empowerment.

Table of contents

IT recruiting industry context, 2021

IT recruiting in 2021 is not the same as it was two or three years ago. Although the pandemic has accelerated many of the challenges faced by recruiters, it’s important to keep in mind that our industry is always evolving, just like technology itself.  

I remember pizza and meetups being central to building the IT community and networking. And though they remain important, a lot in the post-pandemic world has changed.

To remain relevant today, we must understand emerging needs and align them with the human capital we create for each of our companies. One of the main challenges recruiters face is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment while continuing to improve a hiring process that actually connects candidates with roles beyond just the hiring process itself. 

Designing long-lasting improvement processes for speed, quality, and accuracy are some of the main goals to effectively staff companies while empowering the employer brand. To do so, a recruiter must understand every side of the organization and learn how to interact among teams. 

Here are some takeaways for IT recruiters to take into consideration and succeed:

Keep your priorities clear

Here at FullStack Labs, our hiring process looks a little bit different every month. 

We are constantly improving and negotiating terms in order to make it more accessible to the candidates, speed up processes and provide faster responses to customers. 

Taking the time to deeply know your process, the data, its ups and downs, and what's most affecting and impacting your process helps to better shape a consistent strategy.

Be a recruiter, but also a talent advisor

A skilled recruiter must also be a talent advisor. We all know that most of our candidates have numerous job proposals and they’re not looking for changes. So if we get their attention, it's important to listen to what the candidate has to say, analyze what they express about previous jobs, their needs, what motivates them, and what drives them. Then, we’ll be able to find a cultural fit that goes beyond the basics and actually connects with the candidate.

As recruiters, we have to be good translators and interpreters of the company’s culture and of the role and how it relates to candidates in an international context. It must be delivered as an experience that is happening right now.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We as recruiters provide companies with human resources — our job is to expand our company. However, recruiters usually only receive requirements of needs and have no idea what is actually happening within the company and how it works, its internal dynamics, its bench flows, the processes of the sales and marketing team, and how they affect the hiring or retention process, and so on. It must be communicated strategically. Recruiters must own this information.

Answer candidate’s FAQs (before they even ask)

We are building and providing trust differently than most industries in today’s climate. A great recruitment strategy is to create a page to address questions that candidates often ask. This raises their trust in the company and makes them feel taken care of since you are addressing concerns in advance. It’s also a good moment to show how structured or organized your company is. This is vital for a lot of developers.

Our work as recruiters is to ask people life-changing decisions related to their professional growth every day. This is tough, especially when the world is changing at an accelerated pace and there are a lot of options for your candidates. 

However, adapting, keeping your goals clear, and providing an awesome candidate experience are key points to shaping a winning recruitment strategy.

If you would like to be part of our IT recruitment process and join a fast-growing company, visit our careers page. If you’re looking to scale your engineering team, contact us and let us get the best candidates for you.

Alexandra Lastra
Written by
Alexandra Lastra
Alexandra Lastra

As a Talent Brand/IT Recruiter Specialist with FullStack Labs I'm responsible for the development and projection of the employee value proposition and experience; partnering with recruiting leaders and hiring managers to develop sourcing strategies to meet current and future hiring needs. Prior to FullStack Labs I was a Culture and Events Manager at Ideaware Co. Curiosity, culture & strategy are my keywords. I'm practical and tenacious. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading about technology and getting in touch with nature.

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