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The Importance of IT Recruiters in a Digital Transformation Era

Written by 
Mafe Monroy
IT Technical Recruiter
The Importance of IT Recruiters in a Digital Transformation Era
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The need for humans to enact control, access information, and communicate dates back thousands of years when regulation of hunting was carried out in caves painted by hand. Then, it was followed by the arrival of paper, and, in recent decades, the use of computers and smart devices. Everything is now digital.

Today, we are facing many global changes. We are turning our minds to being more digital-oriented, and industries have a need to become more accessible, forefront, and innovative in order to stand out in the market.

The market in a post-pandemic context 

Last year, the world had to stop for a while. Freelance professionals, employees, entrepreneurs, and owners of large companies were all affected by the pandemic. Based on a report from the International Labor Organization (ILO) published in 2020, when the pandemic was starting, more than 195 million jobs were lost because of this crisis. I'm sure that there were more. For many people and organizations at that moment, it was time to make survival decisions, renew themselves, innovate, and for companies, especially to try not to be forgotten in the market.

In the middle of the pandemic, we saw new entrepreneurs taking shape, people looking for ways to support themselves, and new models of working, such as the home office, becoming the global way of how things happen. Social media has become one of the most important and crucial means of communication to connect and, why not, to make money.

Today, many of these requests for help in the form of temporary ventures have turned into dreams, and now into stable companies that have seen the need to move on to the next step. This is where the work behind the need to innovate comes in. With the advent of the Internet, the importance of having a presence is becoming increasingly important for businesses, in order to be more accessible to their customers.

Nonetheless, companies have been forced to go through a process of change and adaptation. Beginning with newspaper publications and paper publicity, now with the use of email, digital advertising, applications, and platforms created to get closer to their goal. Digital transformation is not an asset; it is a necessity and an investment.

The work of software developers is crucial in such a process. Prior to this, there was a great effort backstage to make it happen: the work of the IT or tech recruiters, talent acquisition professionals that specialize in understanding technical profiles to ensure business success.

How IT recruiters will be renamed in the coming future

According to some definitions of the role of IT recruiters, they are people who help companies cover the specific requirements and skills needed for technology, communication platforms, and basically anything that facilitates the company's processes.

Personally, I believe that our work goes a little further. From the preparation of knowledge for each profile, technologies, and frameworks involved in IT processes, to the continuous updating of those same technologies, and the total understanding of the profile that is required by the client. Behind this, there is a great effort since many of the developers already have a job. The recruiter must also have certain sales skills and convincing power, not to mention the ability to handle frustration in certain situations.

Regarding the digital change, more and more specialized professionals will be needed to meet the demand of a whole process that starts with the customer or end-user, the companies wanting to satisfy those end customers, and how those companies become customers for software consultancies.

Due to this whole digital transformation era, software developers and engineers have been more recognized by non-technological professionals. I mean, from my point of view, there are two different worlds and each one has two different ways to communicate: IT and, as I like to call them, the world of mortals. Once we enter into the IT world, we can identify the great effort behind daily applications, the whole creative process, and the different profiles involved in that.

On the other hand, we still find people who can hardly identify the meaning of development and barely know anything about IT technical recruiters. Just as there are specialized professional careers, there are also specialized recruiters, talent acquisition, or "mortals" who decide to learn day by day in order to understand a little more of this world that is so big, changing, and complicated to understand for many.

Based on several predictions about digital transformation, customers will be more demanding and knowledgeable as companies will have to supply those needs. This is where more developers will be needed, and hence, more IT recruiters will be working to make all this happen.

In conclusion, being a recruiter helps companies achieve their goals, but being an IT recruiter brings value not only to companies, but also to customers, end-users, and the market in general. This is why I think that this career, even if it is not so well recognized at the moment, will soon be one of the most important. The market for IT recruiters will no longer be the least important. Because what we do is not just knowing the subject, it's being on the cutting edge, evolving and flowing as technology does. 

Our contribution to the digital transformation of different industries starts with our robust team of IT recruiters. If you’re finding it hard to acquire the right IT talent to achieve your business goals, drop us a line and let us help you reach the most talented IT professionals.

Mafe Monroy
Written by
Mafe Monroy
Mafe Monroy

As an IT Technical Recruiter, I am strive to bring my 100% to everything I do. My goal is to build strong, long-term, and mutually beneficial relationships with candidates.

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