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Defining the IT Contractor Role at FullStack Labs

Written by 
Mariana Ruiz
IT Recuiter
Defining the IT Contractor Role at FullStack Labs
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With the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic, so much has changed; not only in our lives but also how companies work. Normally, companies would hire their employees in the cities where their offices were located; but how could they continue to do that if most people were scared to leave their own houses? This question opened up a door that had not been widely explored in the past, namely, remote work. According to a survey conducted by Upwork – a platform for companies to search for registered professionals – in November 2020, 22.9% of the American workforce had already adapted to the home office, and the prediction until 2025 is that 28% will be fully remote.

People began working from home and doing almost everything virtually, which appeared to have solved the "going to the office" problem; however, why stop there? Companies started to realize that they could not only hire employees in their own cities but they could also find candidates anywhere in their countries. Some went even further and started exploring other countries for the perfect fit for their job openings. 

Nearshore and offshore models 

Here at FullStack Labs, we are adapted to the nearshore and offshore models. This is a striking manifestation of globalization since it shows that information and communication technologies have almost rendered location irrelevant. However, the offshore model presents some critical blemishes in its practice. Nearshore software development outsourcing can reduce those difficulties and establish a better service dynamic to increase both parties' excellent results.

Diminishing distance and cultural differences means being closer and improving the logic of placelessness related to globalization. Even though that concept has some practical limitations, we can adapt ourselves to these and take advantage of the postmodern idea of creating solid boundaries between different cultures through working with companies from our neighborhood. This consists of a method of uniting knowledge, forces, and experiences to speed technological development collaboratively.

Working from home as an independent contractor

Providing employment as independent contractors allows companies to hire people from pretty much anywhere in the world and creates a multicultural workforce that brings benefits for both professionals and companies. The first ones, for example, have the freedom to find the most suitable health insurance that adjusts to their personal needs and explore the most convenient way to meet their tax obligations.

If you are unfamiliar with the term "independent contractor," you might feel insecure about it the first time you hear it, primarily if you have worked traditional on-site jobs most of your life. However, with globalization and the increasing popularity of remote employment, this type of contract has gained a lot of strength in the last couple of years, mainly in Latin American countries, where US companies have found an important and valuable source of qualified and extremely professional employees.

What is it like to work as a contractor for FullStack Labs?

The first thing you need to know about being a FSL contractor is that you will still be a full-time employee, and have long-term employment, and growth opportunities while working from home. We provide flexible schedules that allow you to find the best way to balance time between work, family, pets, personal life, and even studies.

When you join FSL as a contractor, you can always expect stability, commitment, and a clear career path, as well as a growing team of highly qualified people that will help you grow professionally, personally, and culturally. 

You’ll find yourself constantly learning and working in a very inclusive and cooperative environment, alongside important companies, clients, and projects that will allow you to expand your knowledge. In case you’re wondering if you will be seen as an outsider for being a contractor, at FSL, one of the most important things is providing a safe environment where everyone feels like a valuable part of the team. We have monthly virtual events that will take you out of your daily routine, sharing memorable moments with team members from all parts of the company and the world.

If you want to explore the international market without even leaving your home, being a contractor is the way to achieve it. Some of the most fantastic perks at FSL are receiving competitive salaries in US dollars and having a completely remote work environment. This has proven to provide financial freedom and a better work-to-personal lifetime ratio, eliminating regular office job disadvantages such as long commutes and working under pressure, among others.

So, get ready to break free from the form of thought that makes you doubt becoming a contractor and embrace the new opportunities that will bring professional, personal, and economic growth to your life. If you want to learn more about a day in the life of an FSL software engineer check out this article. Also, if you’re ready to move on to an opportunity that offers great potential for professional growth, learn more about how we hire.

Mariana Ruiz
Written by
Mariana Ruiz
Mariana Ruiz

I conduct the full life cycle of the recruiting process, providing candidates with a nice, transparent and friendly hiring process that helps me build my network, and create a positive experience to both the client and the applicant. I enjoy matching companies and clients with the best human resources. When applying to a company you need to make sure you are also finding a place that will build the pathway for living your dreamlife.

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