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Introducing FullStack’s React Native Developer Hiring Guide

Written by 
David Jackson
Introducing FullStack’s React Native Developer Hiring Guide
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Many of our clients at FullStack Labs hire us to design and develop version 1 of their React Native mobile app, with the intention of bringing development in-house for version 2+. But often they have a difficult time finding and hiring talented React Native developers, and come to us for help and guidance.

With this in mind, we’ve created the following React Native hiring guide, which outlines our step-by-step process for hiring developers, and summarizes all the tips, tricks, and best-practices we’ve learned from hiring 100+ developers.

David Jackson
Written by
David Jackson
David Jackson

As the CEO of FullStack Labs, my primary responsibility is for the management of the company. I manage and directly contribute to many different departments within the company, including recruiting and hiring, marketing and sales, bookkeeping and accounting, tax and legal, and general operations. I take a hands on approach to management, meaning I prefer to roll up my sleeves and work directly on projects, instead of managing through meetings, policy, and bureaucracy. Prior to FullStack Labs, I was Vice President of Sales and Partner at CAE, where we built an industry-leading marketplace for buying and selling used capital equipment. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the California State University Sacramento with a degree in Business Administration.

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