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FullStack Labs is Now SOC2 Compliant

Written by 
Jorge Rodriguez
Senior Technical Writer
FullStack Labs is Now SOC2 Compliant
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Since the company's beginning, we have demonstrated a solid commitment to the correct management of information and cybersecurity practices. FSL's data processing procedures comply with strict verification and high standards that set us apart in the market. However, best practices aren't enough when it comes to information security. For this reason, we decided to embark on a long but gratifying journey to obtain a SOC2 Certification.

Although it's a big deal for us, you may not be entirely familiar with the concept, so we thought we would take some time to explain what this certification is and what it means for FullStack Labs as an international service provider.

What is a SOC2 Certification anyway?

In the current landscape, every digital interaction is filled with private or sensitive information such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. Usually, companies build entire processes to manage this information accordingly, but receiving, treating, and protecting user data requires many resources. This creates a significant challenge for startups since implementing best practices or more advanced tools may be costly.

On the other hand, companies that have failed to create better ways to work with this information have faced an even pricier problem — cyberattacks. So, to promote safer information management and storage, the Association of International Certified Public Accountants, also known as AICPA, put together a series of requirements called SOC to explain in detail how organizations should manage this information.

The SOC (Systems and Organizations Controls) became the compliance standard for companies using cloud-based storage, which is the case for most startups and service providers like FullStack Labs. The SOC1 was designed specifically for financial reporting and critical control objectives. On the other hand, SOC2 describes the on-site company audit performed by certified public accountants, but it is also the evaluation criterion to analyze the company's status in elements such as security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Once a company decides to begin with the certification process, auditors go through everything related to information management, from technologies, frameworks, and database management systems to moral, ethical, and integrity practices employed by both the company and its employees. These sections of the audit showed FullStack Labs' strong desire to design and develop technologies that can improve the lives of its users while guaranteeing a very high level of quality to our clients.

Other aspects such as security management, risk assessments, human resources, and monitoring practices also proved the great sense of responsibility of FSL's management boards. Their compromise in building a stable, reliable, and dedicated company continues to pave the way for steady and significant growth in the market.

What does it mean for FullStack Labs moving forward?

The exhaustive evaluation of the company's practices and the results proving successful in every aspect provided FullStack Labs with a valid SOC2 certification. This achievement places the company in the line of organizations looking to provide high-quality services using only the best and most secure resources. Additionally, it demonstrates the company's ability to implement and maintain adequate controls for information security.

The goal for the company moving forward is to maintain this standard throughout its operations regardless of the growth rate, system updates, or any other changes. To do this, we have made sure that every employee, manager, and collaborator is aware of our mission to create a safer environment for client data. 

How does this certification impact FullStack Labs' clients?

The independent and optional nature of the audit shows our commitment to staying in line with the ever-evolving requirements for security and data management in the cloud. Even though our approach has always complied with high standards, our clients can now rest assured that a third party has thoroughly evaluated our internal structure and declared the company adequately equipped with the necessary infrastructure, tools, and processes for an operation like ours. 

In the long run, and as we continue with this yearly certification, we can guarantee higher protection from unauthorized access to our client's data. At the same time, we are building a stronger path to becoming the leading and most trusted software development company in Latin America. So don’t forget to stay tuned; we are just getting started.

Jorge Rodriguez
Written by
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge is a professional translator and technical writer with over 3 years of experience leading and supporting communication projects. He has substantial knowledge of various translation technologies, such as MemoQ. significant experience with document management and editing tools, including Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, and Adobe Acrobat DC, and is knowledgeable in the areas of professional translations and the creation of informative articles. He has worked to provide complete translation and writing solutions for small, medium, and large companies, using research strategies and always following general standards.

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