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The Importance of Enjoying Your Work as a Product Designer

Written by 
Juan Prado
Lead Product Designer
The Importance of Enjoying Your Work as a Product Designer
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As a product designer, you have the unique opportunity to make a real difference in the world. People use the products you design daily and shape their experiences. However, the design process can be demanding, and time-consuming, and requires both technical skills and creativity. 

To stay motivated, inspired, and productive, creating a work environment that supports and nurtures your creativity is essential. In this article, you’ll discover several ways to enjoy your work as a product designer and make the most of your career.

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Maintain knowledge of technical and design trends

Continuous learning is a critical component of any design career. The field of product design is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest technology and design trends are essential. Attending conferences, reading industry blogs, and networking with peers and other product design professionals are great ways to stay informed.

Besides, you should consider exploring other sources of information, such as design blogs, online communities, social media, conferences, and meetups. You can also seek user feedback to gain insights into their needs, challenges, and preferences. It's also recommended to conduct market research and track emerging technologies and new product launches to stay ahead of the competition.

These activities not only keep you ahead of the curve but also help you stay motivated and inspired. By having access to new ideas, techniques, and technologies, you'll have the tools you need to push the boundaries of what's possible and create truly innovative products while remaining relevant and competitive in today's fast-paced market.

Keep in mind the importance of teamwork

Teamwork is an essential aspect of product design. Working with a team of talented and passionate individuals can bring new perspectives, ideas, and approaches to a project, leading to more innovative and successful designs. Collaborating with others also helps to develop new skills, build relationships, and foster a supportive and encouraging work environment. 

Additionally, having a solid and cohesive team can lead to better communication, problem-solving, and decision-making, as well as a stronger sense of accountability and shared ownership of the end result. To be an effective product designer, it's important to cultivate strong teamwork skills and actively seek out opportunities for collaboration and communication with others.

Help your creativity by solving quick design problems 

Designers must continually develop and refine their skills, and solving quick design problems is a great way to do this. Set aside time each day or week to work on small design challenges, such as creating a new logo or redesigning an existing product. 

These quick exercises will help you stay motivated and inspired, and you'll develop new skills and techniques that you can apply to your work. Additionally, working on these smaller projects can help you stay focused and productive, as you won't get bogged down in the details of a larger project.

Make your workspace comfortable, visually appealing, and musically appealing

The work environment you create impacts your creativity and productivity significantly. Make sure your workspace is comfortable, visually appealing, and supports your overall well-being. Adding plants, using a standing desk, and incorporating personal touches like photos or artwork can all help create a comfortable and visually appealing environment. 

Listening to music you enjoy can also help create a positive work environment, so be sure to incorporate this into your routine as well. Whether it's classical, jazz, or rock, having a soundtrack that inspires you can help you stay focused and motivated.

Surround yourself with games to help creativity, and use those when you make active pauses

Taking active pauses throughout the day can help you recharge and stay motivated. Surround yourself with games that stimulate your creativity and provide a break from work. Try logic puzzles, strategy games, or spatial challenges. Not only are these games fun, but they can also help you stay sharp and inspired. By taking a break and engaging in activities that challenge your mind in different ways, you'll return to your work with renewed focus and creativity

However, consider taking a break from screens as well. Working for hours in front of a screen causes eye and mental fatigue, so try not to take time off with your mobile, laptop, or another device. Instead, try stretching, walking outside, watering plants, doing mindfulness activities, or talking to your friends/family about positive topics that help you clear your mind. These activities will bring peacefulness and enhance creativity once you’re ready to keep up your great work.

In conclusion

Being a successful product designer requires a combination of technical skills, creativity, and a love for work. Keeping up-to-date with technology and design trends, solving quick design problems regularly, creating a comfortable and visually appealing workspace, and surrounding yourself with games to stimulate creativity are all essential steps toward becoming a great product designer. 

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects is teamwork. Working with a team of talented and passionate individuals can bring new perspectives, ideas, and approaches to a project, leading to more innovative and successful designs. Collaborating with others also helps to develop new skills, build relationships, and foster a supportive and encouraging work environment. 

By combining all of these elements, you can ensure that you are able to produce designs that are not only technically sound but also aesthetically pleasing and truly meet the needs of your users.

Juan Prado
Written by
Juan Prado
Juan Prado

I became a Product Designer to understand how products become essential, and to make essential products. Being a product designer allows me to solve people’s needs and make their lives easier. My goal as a designer is not to make things pretty — it's to make them useful. I designed the interface for Lulo Bank, Colombia's first digital-only bank; and PagaTodo, a multichannel vendor platform that supplies to companies of all sizes. In both cases, one is faced with the daunting but rewarding challenge of replacing physical experiences with digital ones, and to do so in a way that doesn't accentuate the problems the app is trying to solve to begin with. This is why I love user testing: it's a way to see whether you've actually done what you set out to do, and whether the interface really is as intuitive as it seemed when you sketched it. In addition to design, I love studying, playing guitar, taking care of my dog, and experimenting with new foods at home and at restaurants.

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