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A Day in The Life of FSL's Software Engineer Moacir Braga

Written by 
Moacir Braga
Technical Vetting Manager
A Day in The Life of FSL's Software Engineer Moacir Braga
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Moacir Braga is a software engineer, specializing in high-performance, secure web and mobile apps. He has been programming since 2004 and shares with us his day at FullStack Labs.

Moacir at Santa Catarina, Brazil

We can start by sharing some of the things that make you smile in the morning

I get up, walk my dog, check on my cats, and then go to my office/room to begin my journey. I love what I am doing, so it makes me happy every day.

I've been coding for over two decades, so creating an app or website is no longer a challenging process. It's no longer the goal. The motivation must be something else. My efforts are more focused on the business core, such as hiring brilliant people and ensuring that we have a great team. This makes me happy since it benefits both individuals and the organization.

Tell us, how do you begin each day at FullStack Labs?

My work now is not the same as it was a few weeks ago; I now have an extremely dynamic day. I start by checking my Slack messages. Then check all of the pending items on the to-do list, as well as requests from my peers who are under my supervision for assistance with work-related concerns.

I schedule a time during the day to complete each of the pending tasks on the to-do list. I also include the sprint's planned tasks that will assist the project in my daily routine. After I've arranged them, I'll work on them during the day. I'll write my daily standup and post it on Slack so that the rest of the team can see how I'm doing.

What do you like the most about FullStack Labs?

The company offers numerous projects that we may work on, and we are paid per hour, so it is really flexible if we like to work at an average pace, work a lot, or work rapidly. Personally, I enjoy working my entire day, addressing various difficulties, and being really close to the business core.

Mike Piccolo, CTO at FullStack Labs, is the ideal supervisor for someone like me; he is quick, direct, and exact, so I enjoy working here because of him and because the firm allows me to operate this way. Every week, I feel like I'm getting better, and Mike is a big help because we communicate frequently.

What tools do you use to organize and prioritize your tasks and projects?

Throughout the day, I utilize Jira and Slack. In my life, I've used a lot of different programs, but I've come to like Jira since it's reliable, has a wonderful API for extracting data, and is extremely customizable.

Slack is how I communicate with everyone and keep track of what I need to get done during the day, so after reading some Slack conversations, I add pending items on Jira. Slack is fantastic since we can link it with so many applications that help us be more productive.

Tell us about a challenge you're currently working on?

My current objective is to optimize the workflow of the vetting process in order to ensure that we are recruiting qualified people, which requires me to learn new technologies quickly in order to design new tests. I also onboard people and train them on how to submit positive applicant reviews, ensuring that our procedure is fair to all candidates.

I need to enhance the process for creating challenging assessments and interviews for our applicants by automating our reporting and automating the process for creating complex tests and interviews. Assisting in the connection between professionals and the organization is a fantastic opportunity that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Moacir’s dog enjoying the sunset

What is something that you are constantly learning every day?

I'm learning how to evaluate applicants, onboard them, and handle the expectations of my team, which helps in grading the candidates' evaluations. I also discuss with my teammates what support we require to optimize our workflow. Soft skills are more important than technical abilities in this situation.

At the end of the day, how would you describe a successful workday? 

I had a fantastic day when none of my teammates experienced any roadblocks, either generated by the work that I assigned them or a customer. It was a good day when all of my coworkers completed all pending tickets with high-quality work. Collaboration is crucial; a successful day is reliant on individuals doing their best work.

How do you balance your day with work and play?

Because I am a workaholic, I don't like to take long breaks throughout the workday. Throughout the day, I take breaks to walk the dog and dine with my wife. Since I only rest on weekends and work a lot throughout the week, I've learned to appreciate both weekends and business days.

Enjoying the weekend, a selfie with the sunset 

To sum up Moacir’s experience at FullStack Labs we can highlight that: 

  • Working as a software engineer at FullStack Labs means Moacir works under a flexible schedule, which allows him to spend time with his family and pets. 
  • One of the things he enjoys most while working at FullStack Labs is the relationship and communication he has with his peers and supervisor.
  • He doesn’t have a dull day because FullStack Labs offers a variety of clients, always challenging him to learn and improve his skills.

Are you a software engineer interested in enjoying work as much as you do in life? Come check how we hire! Maybe we'll be writing about you next.

Moacir Braga
Written by
Moacir Braga
Moacir Braga

I'm a Full Cycle Developer focusing on high-performance and secure Web/Mobile applications. I have been developing for the web since 2004, and since then, I got experience in many project perspectives. I started as a fullstack developer when it was not a known word. Along the time, I began to handle the entire lifecycle of the projects. Hiring and training teams, writing frameworks for developers, making binary protocols specs, setting up the whole cloud infrastructure and deployment process, etc.

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